Pale Stranger

Nature: Creature
Type: Undead
Subtype: Karrnathi

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 10

First Encountered: 19.2 "My Baby Shot Me Down"

Description: "This nearly skeletal figure wields a pistol in each hand. Its garb is dusty and weathered, and smells of old decay."

The pale stranger appeared much as it did in life, though desiccated and obviously undead.

The only one that has been witnessed thus far stood 6.5 feet tall and weighed 130 pounds.

Information: Sometimes death itself can't come between a soldier and their final revenge. This is what happened when one of the first "gunslingers" was slain by a hated enemy, murdered before they could achieve vengeance against that hated foe. Their anger and wrath animated their remains as a vengeful undead monstrosity. When the pale stranger rose, it sought out the source of its anger, to finish the job, returning the favor by killing them dead.

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