Nature: Maneuver
Type: Standard action, taken during your move or as part of a charge.

Moving through an unwilling target's square.

●When you try to overrun a target, it can choose to avoid you,
allowing you to pass through its square without requiring a Maneuver check.
●If your target doesn't avoid you, make a Maneuver check as normal.
●Either way, an overrun provokes an Attack of Opportunity (AoO) from the target of your maneuver.

Maneuver succeeds: You move through the target's space.
Maneuver succeeds by 5 or more: Move through target’s space and target is knocked prone.
Maneuver fails: You stop in the space directly in front of the target
(or the nearest open space in front of them if there's another creature occupying that space).

●Maneuver Defense gets +2 for each additional leg the target has after the first 2.
●You can't overrun an opponent who is more than 1 size category larger than you.

●Those with the "Improved Overrun" Feat don't provoke an AoO from overrunning an opponent
(and also get +2 on the overrun maneuver check & on defending against being overrun).

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