Officer Kravitz

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Allegiance: Sharn City Watch
Gender: Male
First Appeared: 2.1 "Reap What You Sow"

Information: Police officer who patrolled the Stoneyard district in Lower Northedge.

Accidentally murdered the little shifter girl Gwen Acker, when she jumped out in the middle of a game and startled him into drawing his crossbow and firing, hitting her straight through the heart. He then buried her corpse in a local park to prevent his crime from being discovered, which had the unintentional side-effect of spawning a small plague of tooth fairies which then menaces the neighborhood. When his misdeed was uncovered he tried to frame someone else for it, and get them killed while "fleeing custody" (when he shoved them off the edge of the flying prisoner transport), but in the end he was caught and convicted by a court of law.

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