Ocean View

Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (wealthy residential)
Ward: Upper Tavick's Landing
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Upscale residences (250), average residences (30).

First Impression: The towers of Ocean View are among the highest in the city, allowing a beautiful view of the water to the south. The central spires are surrounded by luxurious mansions and well-kept gardens. Private guards stand at the gates of most of the manors, and strangers are watched carefully.


The manors of Ocean View are the most luxurious on the east side of Sharn, and they are extremely exclusive. Gold alone cannot purchase a mansion in Ocean View; by the laws of the ward, at least 30 current residents must sign a petition allowing the newcomer to purchase property.

In addition to the beautiful homes, there are a number of pleasant parks and public gardens. The most notable of these is Lavalla Park, which provides the best view of the ocean.

Ocean View Locations

The Gray House
Lavalla Park


Upper Menthis ward
North ▲
The Sunrise district ◄West Ocean View East► Dalan's Refuge district
▼ South
Outside the city (river)

Below: Little Barrington
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