Nature: Location
Type: One of the "quarters" of Sharn

Watch Detail: The force that covers Central Plateau also protects Northedge (504 guards).

Northedge Wards

Upper Northedge
Middle Northedge
Lower Northedge


Northedge, one of the quietest regions within Sharn, is a residential quarter. Most of its inhabitants are crafters and commoners, people who make an honest living within the great city. As a result, it is an uncommon destination for adventurers. However, a variety of tradesfolk and artisans work out of their Northedge homes, and it is possible that a party will be recommended to one of the Northedge specialists.

In addition, if an adventurer wants to take up residence within Sharn, the prices in Northedge are quite reasonable. Finally, while Northedge is known as a peaceful region, this calm façade can make an excellent cover for sinister activities. In other words, Northedge makes a perfect hiding place for a master villain, a nefarious cult, or a cunning spy.

Northedge Districts

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