North Market
Nature: Location
Type: Marketplace district in Sharn
Quarter: Northedge
Ward: Lower Northedge
Social: Middle class

Buildings: Open-air market, temple (Sovereign Host), shrine (Silver Flame), average lodging (9), average food (45), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (50), average trades (140), poor trades (40), upscale services (20), average services (60), poor services (20)

First Impression: North Market is one of the oldest business districts in Sharn. The cobblestone streets have been repaved time and again, and the walls of the towers are worn smooth with age. People always fill the streets, but there is less noise and bustle than one might expect from such a crowd; the locals are surprisingly patient and polite.


The open market of this district is one of the oldest in Sharn. In addition to local residents, crafters from the regions around Sharn come to sell their wares at the open market, and Far and Sar are excellent times to purchase textiles and other crafted goods. A marketplace permit costs 3 sp.

Most of the businesses and merchants in the district follow solid, simple trades: blacksmiths, brewers, carpenters, and tailors who produce sturdy clothes for the lower classes. However, Lower Northedge is home to a significant portion of Sharn’s shifter population, and there are a few exotic trades and restaurants catering to the shifting folk, including an apothecary who specializes in the proper care of fangs and claws.

In addition to the private businesses, there are a number of workhouses in North Market, primarily textile factories. The district also contains a small temple to the Sovereign Host, which primarily honors Kol Korran and Onatar.

North Market Locations

The Shrine of Fathen the Martyr
The Bear's Rest
The Horse & Hearth
The Rat's Nest


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