Councilor Nolan Toranak

Nature: NPC
Race: Dwarf
Class: Commoner 7
Allegiance: Sharn City Council
Represents: the Cogs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male

Information: Nolan represents the industrial powers behind the Ashblack and Blackbones districts. The nobles and merchant princes of Skyway and the Upper-City own many of the foundries and forges in the Cogs, and Nolan usually aligns himself with one of the more eloquent councilors.

The one issue that he does feel strongly about is the status of the warforged. His children were killed by warforged during the Last War, and he has never forgiven House Cannith or the warforged as a whole. If Nolan had his way, all warforged would be melted down or banished. As it is, he tries to find ways to bypass the stipulations of the Treaty of Thronehold, so warforged can be treated as property. There are a few groups of people in Sharn who share Nolan’s fear and hatred of the warforged, and he often channels funds to these organizations.

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