Nature: Creature
Type: Undead
Subtype: Nightshade

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Huge
CR: 16

First Encountered: 36.3 "Total Eclipse of the (h)eart(h)"

Description: "The creature looks like a towering, night-black humanoid giant, taller than a house and composed of pure darkness. It has smooth, hairless skin and a genderless body, and its eyes radiate a cold and merciless hatred as chilling as the void between the stars."

Nightwalkers are human-shaped horrors that haunt the darkness.

They're roughly 20 feet tall & weigh about 5'000 pounds.

Information: The type of nightshade most commonly encountered by adventurers is the giant-like nightwalker. This powerful foe leads armies of undead against the living, but unlike most mortal generals the nightwalker isn't content to stand back and observe the battles from safety.

This undead champion is ever eager to put its tactics and plans to the test itself, and takes part in battles in every possible occurrence save for those that the creature has determined are self-destructive.

This isn't to say that the nightwalker never sacrifices its troops to gain a tactical advantage — just that these attacks are the only ones the monster feels no urge to participate in directly.

Nightwalkers enjoy inflicting despair before death, particularly by destroying valued objects or murdering loved ones before delivering the final blow to a foe.

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