Night Hag
Nature: Race
Type: Outsider (Native)
Subtype: Hag

Alignment: True Neutral or Neutral Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 9

First Encountered: 21.4 "If I Should Die Before I Wake"


"This being looks like a hideously ugly human woman. Its flesh is the blue-violet of a deep bruise and covered with warts, blisters, and open sores. It has straggly jet-black hair and jagged, yellow teeth The eyes burn like hot coals, throwing out a thick, red radiance. Grisly fetishes and the rags of once fine clothes hang off the corpse-thin frame of this horrifying, sharp-fanged crone"

Night hags vary widely in appearance, standing between 5-1/2 and 7 feet tall, and weighing from 150 to 300 pounds.



Unlike their sister hags, the night hag is an outsider, not a monstrous humanoid, albeit one "native" to the material plane. They are creatures of sleep and dreams, more specifically nightmares, and travel back and forth between the worlds and dimensions, including the personal dreamworlds of sleeping mortals. They spend much of their time on the ethereal plane, where they often have their lairs and from where they have better access to the minds of sleepers, not to mention their souls.

Night hags have been around since the Age of Demons, where they often served as ambassadors and messengers between the fiends and the dragons. Today, they remain as the impartial mediators, and adventurers who wish to deal with outsiders or other realms may wish to seek out a night hag — although they can be quite difficult to find.

The motivations of the night hags remain mysterious and unclear. They may simply enjoy their role as ambassadors, watching the tapestry of history unfold across the planes. Conversely, they might have goals of their own.

Evil Night Hags:
Terrifying murderesses and greedy soul brokers, evil night hags prey upon mortals while they’re most vulnerable. Preferring to kill their prey slowly, haunting their dreams night after night, these hags trap the tormented souls of their victims within dark gems so they might be sold in the infernal markets of the outer planes.

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