Rakshasa, Naztharune (Rogues)

Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Rakshasa

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 12

Description: "This being is garbed in dark clothing. Its body seems mostly human except for a luxurious coat of black fur and its black, panther-like head."

Like other rakshasas, the palms of a naztharune rakshasa’s hands are where the backs of the hands would be on a human. While this physical feature doesn’t detract from the creature’s manual dexterity, it makes a naztharune look very disturbing to those unfamiliar with the raksha race.

Physically, they have roughly the same height and weight as elves.

Information: While some theorize that rakshasas are the very embodiment of evil, those rare few who have survived an encounter with the deadly naztharune know it as fact.

Unlike their spellcasting cousins, a naztharune rakshasa enjoys sneaking up on a target and killing it in close combat. Where the "common" raksha has the spellcasting ability of a sorcerer, the naztharune innately has many of the abilities of a rogue, such as Sneak Attack, Improved Evasion and Improved Uncanny Dodge.

They also have the powers "Hide in Plain Sight", and "Shadow Jump": the ability to travel instantly between two places by entering one shadow and exiting through the other, similar to a "dimension door" spell (but only 20 feet 'jumped' in total per day).

Naztharunes tend to be solitary creatures (like most rakshasas), but will work with other rakshas when necessary and even team up with other naztharunes on a continuing basis. They sometimes work as infiltrators and spies for ak'chazar rakshasas, and they sometimes hire themselves out to other creatures as mercenaries or assassins.

They have a hearty contempt for all creatures except other rakshasas, but they can suppress this feeling when it profits them to do so. Unlike most of their brethren, the naztharunes feel less of a need to be "the boss" in every operation. They are much more mercenary in their desires and needs.

As members of the Lords of Dust they work their masters' evil abroad, eliminating threats to the organization and spying on their enemies from the shadows. They often work in pairs so as to maximize their flanking and sneak attack opportunities, and tend to have toadies and minions scattered throughout Khorvaire, most of them mid- to high-ranking members of thieves guilds.

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