Mud Caves

Nature: Location
Type: Shantytown district in Sharn
Ward: Cliffside (bottom of Dura)
Social: Lower class (slum)

Buildings: Poor residences (400)

First Impression: Lean-tos, smoky fires, and makeshift hovels cling to the side of the cliff and spread into tiny caves in the great rock wall.


The southern expanse of cliff face, away from the wharves where the Hilt flows into the Dagger River, is dotted with small caves. Some of the poorest of Sharn’s poor find shelter in wretched hovels built in and around these caves. The populace is a destitute mixture of humans, dwarves, gnomes, hobbits, shifters, changelings, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, orcs, ogres, and even a troll or two.


Sharn's Welcome Lower Dura ward
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Outside the city (river)
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Ship's Towers district Outside city (river)
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