Lord Morrikan d'Kundarak

"Welcome to my home, honoured guest!
Within these walls, no harm will come to you."

Nature: NPC
Race: Dwarf
Class: Aristocrat 3 / Fighter 9 / Heir of Siberys (warding) 2
Allegiance: House Kundarak
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male

Information: Nearly every member of the dragonmarked houses knows the name and reputation of the Lord of House Kundarak. Though he spends most of his time in Kundarak hold, where he coordinates the operations of the Banking Guild and the Warding Guild from his vast estates at Korrunda Gate, he ventures forth from he mountains for important business and political gatherings.

When his dealings aren't tasking him to house enclaves around Khorvaire, he can usually be found in the major cities of the Five Nations, particularly Korth, Wroat, and Sharn.

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