Mithral Tower

Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (wealthy residential)
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Upper Central
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Upscale residences (250), average residences (30)

First Impression: The homes in this district are large and well kept, showing clear signs of great wealth. True to the district’s name, many of the houses boast mithral filigree.


Mithral Tower is Sharn's most desirable downtown residential district, comparable to the more suburban Oak Towers and Crystal Bridge districts in Upper Northedge.

Mithral Tower Locations

Tomollan Estate


Korranath district
North ▲
Upper Dura ward ◄West Mithral Tower East► Skysedge Park district
▼ South
Highest Towers district

Above: Brilliant
Below: Dava Gate
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