Mirek Strenger
Hit Points 39 6d8 +6 +6
Base A. Bonus +4
Melee Attack +5
Ranged Attack +4
Maneuvers +5
Armor Class +2
Touch AC +0
Flat-footed +2
Maneuvers +5

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 13 +1
Dexterity 10 +0
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 14 +2
Wisdom 11 +0
Charisma 8 -1
Fortitude +3
Reflex +2
Will +5
SKILL Roll Calculating
Appraise +11 int 2 + rank 6 + class 3
Diplomacy +6 cha -1 + rank 4 + class 3
Linguistics +7 int 2 + rank 2 + class 3
Sense Motive +9 wis 0 + rank 6 + class 3
CRAFT Roll Calculating
Bows +15 int 2 + rank 6 + class 3 + feat 2 + tools 2
Blacksmithing +20 int 2 + rank 6 + class 3 + feats 7 + tools 2
KNOWLEDGE Roll Calculating
Engineering +8 int 2 + rank 3 + class 3
History +8 int 2 + rank 3 + class 3
Local +8 int 2 + rank 3 + class 3
Nature +8 int 2 + rank 3 + class 3
PERFORM Roll Calculating
Singing +8 cha -1 + rank 6 + class 3
Nature: Follower
Leader: Cirilli Solirion Santiar
Allegiance: The Cèilidh Ring

Race: Human
Origins: Eldeen Reaches
Residence: Skysedge Park

Class: Expert 6
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: Greensinger (druidic faith)

Gender: Male
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Halfling, Goblinoid, Orcish


Born and raised in the Eldeen Reaches. Mirek came from a family of Karrnathi settlers.

He moved to Sharn, with several other refugees, after the destruction of his village, at the hands of an unknown mercenary force. Rumor (well, proven fact as far as Mirek is concerned) had it that the mercenaries were employed by Aundair in an attempt to retake the Reaches. Because of this he still holds a good degree of contempt for Aundairians, to the point where his smithy bears a sign saying "No Aundairians". This is a little bit awkward seeing as there are still some Reachers who consider themselves part Aundairian, much like the Eldeen Reaches were originally part of Aundair.

He has a fairly rough personality and is not one to make friends easily. He easily holds grudges though.

He doesn't open up easily, but in the right circumstances (or when sufficiently drunk) he's quite fond of singing.

His accent is much like that of most folk from the Eldeen Reaches, but with a slightly stronger emphasis on the Karrnathi pronouncation.


1.Prodigy (Craft [Bows & Blacksmithing]): +2 bonus to 2 chosen Craft skills. The bonus becomes +4 for a skill with 10+ ranks.
1B.Skill Focus (Craft [Blacksmithing]): +3 bonus to selected skill. The bonus becomes +6 if you have 10 or more ranks in the skill.

3.Master Craftsman (Craft [Blacksmithing]):
●Get a +2 bonus to 1 chosen Craft or Profession skill that you have at least 5 ranks in.
●Ranks in chosen skill count as CL for qualifying for "Craft Magic Arms & Armor" and "Craft Wondrous Item" feats.
●Can substitute ranks in the skill for Caster Level when crafting Magical Arms & Armor or Wondrous Items,
but you must then use the skill when making the final crafting check for the item.

5.Craft Magic Arms & Armor: You can create a wide variety of magic wondrous items.
●Crafting a wondrous item takes 1 day for each 1'000 gp in its price.
●To create a wondrous item, you must use up raw materials costing half of its base price.
●You can also mend a broken wondrous item if it is one that you could make.
Doing so costs 1/2 the raw materials and half the time it would take to craft that item.


●Smithy in Skysedge Park
●Leather Armor (worn)
●MW Blacksmithing Tools
●MW Bowyer's Tools
●+1 Warhammer
●+1 Breastplate (not worn)

Wealth: 3'450 gp

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