Nature: Race
Type: Monstrous Humanoid

Size: Large
CR: 4

Description: "With the body of a powerfully built man and the head of a snarling bull, this creature stomps its hooves as if preparing to charge."

"The creature looks like an incredibly tall, powerfully muscled human, covered in shaggy fur, with the head of a bull. The dark eyes of the brute gleam with savage fury."

A minotaur stands more than 7 feet tall and weighs about 700 pounds.
Most of them only know the Giant language.

Information: Minotaurs are strong, fiercely territorial creatures often found in vast underground labyrinths. Nothing holds a grudge like a minotaur. Scorned by most civilized races, minotaurs have hunted, slain, and devoured lesser humanoids in retribution for real or imagined slights for as long as anyone can remember.

A minotaur’s natural cunning and feral instincts enable it to find its way easily through even the most confusing tunnel complexes — an ability it puts to great use in hunting, tormenting, and ultimately destroying intruders.

The traditional minotaur’s lair is a maze, be it a legitimate labyrinth constructed to baffle and confuse, an accidental one such as a city sewer system, or a naturally occurring one such as a tangle of caverns and other underground passageways.

Employing their innate cunning, minotaurs use their maze lairs to vex unwary foes who seek them out or who simply stumble into the lairs and become lost, slowly hunting the intruders as they try in vain to find a way out.

Only when despair has truly set in does the minotaur move in to strike at its lost victims. When dealing with a group, minotaurs often let one creature escape, to spread the tale of horror and lure others to their mazes in hope of slaying the beasts. Of course, to minotaurs, these would-be heroes make for delicious meals.

Minotaurs might also be found in the employ of a more powerful monster or villainous person, serving it so long as they can still hunt and dine as they please. Usually this means guarding some powerful object or valuable location, but it can also be a sort of mercenary work, hunting down the foes of its master.

Minotaurs are relatively straightforward combatants, using their horns to horribly gore the nearest living creature when combat begins.

In Eberron, the biggest population of minotaurs is to be found in the country of Droaam, where they are more common than anywhere else and are a notable contribution to the nation's power and strength.

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