Mind Stone
lvl Price
1 2'000 gp
2 8'000 gp
3 18'000 gp
4 32'000 gp
5 50'000 gp
lvl Price
6 72'000 gp
7 98'000 gp
8 128'000 gp
9 162'000 gp
ML 17th
Aura strong clair-
Power the 1 to be
Nature: Psionic Item
Type: Quori Embedded Shard
Feat: Craft Cognizance Crystal

A mind stone glows a soft yellow while it's activated, but with an added faint corona in a colour determined by the Discipline of the power it contains.

This implanted dragonshard contains the knowledge of 1 single psionic power (chosen by the creator when the item is crafted). If the wearer is a Manifester and has that power on their class power list, they may use their Power Points to manifest that power as if it were one of their powers known.

A mind stone is priced based on the power’s psion/wilder level, unless the power doesn’t appear on that list.

A character can only benefit from a max number of mind stones = (1/2 powers known from class progression), or the max number of embedded shards the character's body can contain, whichever is less. Extra powers known from feats like "Expanded Knowledge" or from effects like "psychic chirurgery" don't increase this limit.

The cost is based on the level of the psionic power granted by the embedded shard.

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