Mind-Numb Swarm

Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Subtype: Psionic, Elemental, Swarm

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Size: Fine
CR: 10

First Encountered: 20.4 "The Long Goodbye"

Description: "A cloud of flashing lights and crackling energy hangs mid-air like a thousand dancing fireflies"

Information: The motes that make up a mind-numb swarm are each a single distracted thought given form. The swarm is typically heard before it is seen, though the bright light and endless noise are unmistakable in almost any environment.

This cloud of motes, each a flickering embodiment of a single distracted moment, is drawn to creatures of rational thought as a moth is drawn to a flickering flame. Fortunately the swarm is mindless, allowing escape for anyone capable of merely outrunning it.

The motes that form the clouds are most common around psionic schools and cities, where mentally powerful individuals lose focus on a regular basis, each time creating a small number of almost invisible motes who eventually gather into the dangerous clouds.

Rarely do the clouds reach larger than the size of a man, but massive clouds have been seen occasionally deep underground, in areas people regularly pass by, but not through.

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