Middle Tavick's Landing

Nature: Location
Type: Middle Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Tavick's Landing

Population: 16'000
Social: Lower middle class
Areas: Inns, marketplace, average residences (2), adventurer’s quarter, apartment homes, tavern district.
Businesses: A wide range of trades and goods, ranging from magic and exotic adventuring gear in Deathsgate to livestock and produce in Tavick's Market.

Character: An eclectic blend of businesses and residences catering to people from all levels of society.

Key Personalities:
Councilor Dalaina Ironhand (female dwarf)
Karr'Aashta (male human)
Janus Besimir (male human)
Lan Hazal (male human)
Myssian (female human)
Fara Lin Nessian (female gnome)
“Redblade” Rraac (male half-orc)


Middle Tavick’s Landing has something for everyone. It is a crossroads for travelers, traders, and explorers, and includes a host of inns, taverns, shops, and reasonably priced residences. With a few notable exceptions — namely, the Graywall district — the people of Middle Tavick’s Landing are generally friendly and welcoming toward outsiders, quite unlike their counterparts in the upper ward.

Districts of Middle Tavick's Landing

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