Middle Dura

Nature: Location
Type: Middle Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Dura

Population: 18'200
Social: Lower class (2 middle class districts)
Areas: Marketplace, average residences, tavern district, inn district, tenement district, apartment homes.
Businesses: Almost anything can be found at the Bazaar, including shady goods and contraband.

Character: Lower class ward split between commercial and residential districts; it is the border to the dangerous districts that lie below.

Key Personalities:
Councilor Hruit (male shifter)


The stones in this old district have been worn smooth by the passage of time. There is a definite scent of danger in the air. The Sharn Watch patrols this ward, and these guards are always ready for trouble — though the crime lords often use bribes to ensure that the Watch is nowhere to be seen when certain activities take place. Nonetheless, Middle Dura is certainly safer than the ward that lies below.

The Bazaar, the largest market in the city, can be found here, and the taverns and inns of Dura are a common destination for folk who don’t have many coins to rub together.

Middle Dura Districts

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