Middle Central Plateau

Nature: Location
Type: Middle Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Central Plateau

Population: 10'400
Social: Middle class (1 upper class district)
Character: Bustling and fast-paced downtown.

Businesses: Solid, respectable, somewhat overpriced.
Areas: Embassy district, garrison, guildhall district, marketplace, professionals, temple district.

Key Personalities

Knight-Marshal of the Citadel, Sir Banarak Tithon (male human)
High Priest of the Sovereign Host Phthaso Mogan (male dwarf)
Archierophant Ythana Morr of the Silver Flame (female human)
Merrix d'Cannith (male human)
Yevgen Torrn of House Tharashk (male half-orc)
Solia d'Lyrandar (female khoravar)
Daphanë d'Kundarak (female dwarf)
Solirion Torralyn d'Sivis (male gnome)
Thora Tavin (female human)
Councilor Sorik Senso (male khoravar)


The home of Sharn's dragonmarked families and and abundance of foreign ambassadors, the Middle Central ward rivals its upper neighbor as a seat of power in the city. In fact, that rivalry is quite literal, as Councilor Senso is a bitter personal rival of Councilor Tomollan of Upper Central. Middle Central lacks the wealth of the upper ward, but makes up for it in political connections across Khorvaire.

Middle Central Districts

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