Metiris / Merisin

Nature: NPC
Race: Radiant Idol
Origins: Syrania
Allegiance: Himself (leader of a cult who worships him as a god)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male

First Encountered: (editor is unsure which of these it was)
20.2 "From What I've Tasted of Desire" or
21.2 "But If It Should Be Ended Twice" ?

Other appearances:
30.3 "Charity Case"
35.3 "Defying Gravity"

Information: An angel that has been banished from the heaven of Syrania and condemned to spend eternity among the mortals on the Material Plane. He was sent into exile after he failed to protect and save the persecuted people with aberrant dragonmarks during the War of the Mark 1'500 year ago, not just because of his failure and the genocide it resulted in, but more than that it was because he required the mortals to worship him as a deity in return for him looking over them.

Ever since, he has been stuck here in the grimy and unpleasant mortal world, cursed to walk the muddy ground, never to rise above it, for the sky and air itself has rejected him.

He has remained in Sharn, for the manifest zone the city is founded on and which allows its architecture to function, is the closest Metiris can ever get to feeling like he's "home" again. But living here is also a constant agony, because of that closeness, and also constantly shoves his cursed state in his face, as he's incapable of using the elevators, flying taxi's, or even enter the floating towers at all. He's permanently incapable of accessing 99 % of the city of Sharn, and for 15 centuries he has been stuck in the sewers and dungeons beneath the city.

His attitude towards the aberrants is still a touchy and complicated topic, and one which seems likely to make him violently angry without warning, as he claims it's not his fault that the followers of Halas Tarkanan lost the siege and perished, and in his bitterness he has come to blame them for his own cursed existence.

He was encountered while searching for the ancient workshops the aberrants of Sharn did research and development in during the War of the Mark, in the quest for the Cradle of Khyber, as the fallen angel still felt like these things belonged to him, in some way.

Has an Aberrating Dragonshard Marking, mimicing a mark of the Khyber-level aspect.

Aberrating Dragonshard Marking: Permanently bonds to user's body and soul, in an excruciatingly painful process which reduces their max HP by 1 per aspect-level the marking simulates (least -1, lesser -2, greater -3, khyber -4). From now on, they are treated as if they had an aberrant mark for the purpose of how feats, spells, items and other effects react to the character. (sort of an "honorary membership")

F.ex: A weapon that deals +1d6 damage to aberrant targets would inflict this extra dmg on the wearer, and a protection spell that is set to trigger if an aberrant dragonmark is within range would be set off by the character's presence.

This does not, however, qualify the character for feats that have an aberrant dragonmark as a prerequisite. For any effect or interaction dependant on the specific traits of the mark, such as its level of aspect or what powers it grants, the item is treated as having the same traits & values as the aberrant mark of whoever activated the dragonshard marking and bonded it to the wearer in the first place.

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