Nature: Race
Type: Monstrous Humanoid

Size: Medium
CR: 7

Known powers: Petrifying gaze.
Also: poisonous bite & all-around vision (snake hair)


"Though at first glance this creature appeared to be a well-proportioned human, a closer look reveals a hideous face crowned with a mass of writhing, hissing snakes instead of hair, eyes glowing a deep, feral red, and scaly, earth-colored skin."

A typical medusa is 5 to 6 feet tall and about the same weight as a human. It is indistinguishable from a normal human at distances greater than 30 feet (or closer, if its face is concealed).

They often wear garments that enhance their body while hiding their face behind a hood or veil.




The medusa is a hateful, repulsive creature that petrifies living beings with its gaze. It prizes art objects, fine jewelry, and wealth. Its activities often revolve around obtaining these items.

Some enjoy creating intricate decorations out of their victims, using their petrified remains as accents to their remote lairs, but most medusas take care to hide the evidence of their previous conflicts so that new foes won't have advance warning of their presence.

Medusas are found in nearly every climate. Some dwell in large cities, becoming active in the criminal underworld to gain their desires. A few medusas have formed robbery rings or organized smuggling cabals.



In Eberron

The race of medusas was born in Khyber, but 220 years ago a clan emerged from the darkness and laid claim to the city of Cazhaak Draal in Droaam. The medusas have played an important role in Droaam’s rise as a nation. They are skilled stonemasons and architects, and their deadly gaze attack makes them dangerous warriors and valuable bodyguards.

Known Medusas


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