House Medani

Nature: Dragonmarked House
Influence: Warning Guild
Mark: Detection
Race: Khoravar
Totem: Basilisk

House Medani originated in pre-Galifar Breland fifteen hundred years ago, using its abilities to detect threats to foresee dangers and establish a base of power related to knowledge in the wake of the War of the Mark.

During the Last War, Medani maintained the same steadfast neutrality as the other dragonmarked houses. However, it is rumoured that a good portion of the wartime inteligence directed to Breland from its allies in Zilargo might have originated with Medani - the house using connections of Sivis to assist its "homeland" while maintaining necessary deniability about having done so.


Current Leader

Baron Trelib d'Medani (NG male khoravar, rogue 7/master inquisitive 2)
Oversees house activities and controls the Warning Guild from an enclave in Wroat. He is a powerful and influential friend of Breland’s King Boranel and has a tendency to favor that nation in his dealings.


Known Members

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