Flamebearer Mazin Tana

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Class: Cleric 6
Allegiance: Church of the Silver Flame
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male

Information: As the flamebearer for Coldflame Keep, in the High Hope district of Middle Northedge, Mazin does his best to maintain that temple and serve the community. His acolytes consist of two teenagers and one crippled scribe. The garrison was built to house 100 soldiers, but currently there are only eight templars in residence, most of whom are 2nd-level warriors.

While these soldiers are supposed to protect the district from supernatural threats, Mazin believes that they have been chosen by the Archierophant to keep an eye on the aging priest — to make certain that Mazin does not try to interfere with the powers that control the Church in Sharn.

While he is disillusioned with his superiors, Mazin still believes in the ideals of the Church and does his best to help those in need.

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