Master Inquisitive

Nature: Prestige Class
Concept: Investigates crimes and solves mysteries; uncovers secrets and reveals facts.

The master inquisitive takes the art of investigation and deduction to the ultimate level, rising to the top of the field. A master inquisitive could be an elite freelance investigator, or a master detective working for a recognized law enforcement organization somewhere in Khorvaire. He might be an investigative reporter digging up details on corruption and conspiracies. Whatever his occupation, the master inquisitive specializes in solving mysteries and shedding light on the darkest of secrets.

Many dabblers in the field call themselves inquisitives, but only a select few attain the status of master. The master inquisitive is the quintessential detective, with a reputation for tenacity and success that is well deserved. The best in the field often come up through the ranks of investigator, rogue or bard, but members of every class with an insatiable curiosity and a need to solve mysteries can attain the title of master inquisitive.

The master inquisitive’s intuition and insight becomes so finely tuned as to appear supernatural, and, indeed, he manifests a few spell-like abilities to help him in his search for truth and the solutions to the mysteries he confronts on a regular basis.

Level Progression

lvl Exceptional Magical Snk Atck
1 ●Canny Sleuth ●Forensic Thaumaturgy (∞) +1d6 dmg
2 ●Follow Clues
3 ●Deductive Examination (3/d)
4 ●Eye for Detail +2d6 dmg
5 ●Hematomancy (3/day)
6 ●Thoughtful Reexamination (1/day)
7 ●Discern Lies (1 round/lvl) +3d6 dmg
8 ●Predictive Riposte
9 ●Pierce Deception (1 rnd/lvl)
10 ●Reconstruction (1/day) +4d6 dmg


Skills: Craft (alchemy) 4, Diplomacy 1,
Knowledge (local) 3, Perception 4, Sense Motive 4
Feats: Alertness (or equivalent feat or class ability, at GM's discretion)

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d8. Skill Ranks: 4 +Int mod.
Bab: Medium. High Saves: Reflex & Will.

Class Skills: Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Dex), Disguise (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (local) (Int), Knowledge (Nobility), Perception (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis).

Class Features

Proficiencies: No new ones.

1.Canny Sleuth (Ex): Adds Int bonus (if any) on all Perception & Sense Motive checks, as well as on Diplomacy checks made to gather information (in addition to adding the skill's usual ability modifier).

1.Forensic Thaumaturgy (Sp): Can cast ''detect magic'' at will as a spell-like ability (CL = their class lvl).

When using detect magic (or spells that function as detect magic, such as "arcane sight"), the inquisitive treats recently ended magical effects as though they were 1 category stronger for the mechanics of how long a lingering aura remains.

By concentrating for +1 additional round, the character can determine exactly how long the lingering aura has been there (effectively allowing the Inquisitive to learn when the spell or magic item that caused the aura was cast or destroyed, respectively).

1.Sneak Attack (Ex): This ability is exactly like the rogue ability of the same name. The extra damage dealt increases by +1d6 for every 3 levels beyond the first. If a Master Inquisitive gets a sneak attack bonus from another source, the bonuses on damage stack.

2.Follow Clues (Ex): Can use Perception to follow tracks as per the Survival skill, as though they had the "follow clues" rogue talent.

If the inquisitive already has this ability from another class, they can move at their normal speed while tracking with the Perception skill without taking the usual –5 penalty on their Perception checks.

3.Deductive Examination (Sp): Can use the spell "residual tracking" 3 times per day as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to her class level).

4.Eye for Detail (Ex): Their keen eye for detail helps them notice hidden traps, doors, and clues. The inquisitive is entitled to an immediate Perception check to notice such features whenever she passes within 10 feet of them, whether or not she is actively looking. This check should be made in secret by the GM.

If the inquisitive would already receive such a check because of an ability from some other source (f.ex. the "trap spotter" rogue talent), the GM should roll the Perception check twice whenever the Master Inquisitive is within 10 feet of a trap and use the higher result.

5.Hematomancy (Sp): Learns to extract information from blood and other bodily fluids through extensive alchemical analysis. The inquisitive can use the spell "blood biography" 3 times per day (CL = their class level). When using this ability, any type of bodily fluid or part of a creature’s body will suffice in place of blood.

6.Thoughtful Reexamining (Ex): Can reach new conclusions by reexamining the facts of their investigation. Once per day, you can reroll a Knowledge, Sense Motive, or Perception skill check to try to gain new or better information from the roll. This reroll can be made any time during the same day as the original check.

This is the same as the "Thoughtful Reexamining" Advanced Rogue Talent (APG p132). If the inquisitive already has that ability from another source (f.ex. has the advanced rogue talent), they can use the ability +1 additional time per day.

7.Discern Lies (Sp): Can use ''discern lies'', as the spell, for a number of rounds per day = their class lvl (CL = their class lvl). Rounds need not be consecutive. Activating is an immediate action.

8.Predictive Riposte (Ex): Their insight into human nature allows them to predict & counter their opponents’ attacks. As a standard action, can designate an opponent within 30 ft as the target of her predictive riposte, getting +4 insight bonus to AC against that enemy's attacks.

Once per round, after a melee attack from the designated target misses her, the inquisitive can spend an immediate action to make a single melee attack against that opponent as long as it is within her threatened area. This counts as her attack of opportunity for this round.

If the inquisitive’s attack hits, she may add her sneak attack bonus on her damage roll. The bonuses from this ability last until the end of combat, or until the inquisitive designates a new target of her predictive riposte.

9.Pierce Deception (Sp): See as if affected by the ''true seeing'' spell, for max rounds per day = class lvl (CL = their class lvl). Rounds need not be consecutive. Activating this is a Free action.

10.Reconstruction (Su): Once per day a Master Inquisitive can combine her investigative insight with her magical senses to mentally reconstruct the recent history of an item or place. The inquisitive must be able to examine the item or area for 10 minutes, after which she can view the events of the past 24 hours as though she had a scrying sensor present when those events took place.

This shows any events which took place within 60 ft of the examined area, or any creature or object that physically touched the item or area in question. Vision is not obstructed by concealment, and can see & identify magical auras as though under the effect of "arcane sight".

A reconstruction shows creatures and objects as they actually are, unobscured by even powerful illusion magic such as "screen", though transmuted creatures and objects appear in their altered forms.


Spell-like Abilities

Detect Magic

Level: Brd 0, Clr 0, Drd 0, Sor/Wiz 0 .
Casting: 1 standard action
Area: Cone-shaped emanation
Duration: Conc, up to 1 min/CL (D)

School: Divination
Components: V, S
Range: 60 feet
Save: None. SR: No

Effect: You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject.

1st Round: Presence or absence of magical auras.
2nd Round: Number of different magical auras and the power of the most potent aura.
3rd Round: Strength & location of each aura.

If the items or creatures bearing the auras are in line of sight, you can make Knowledge (arcana) skill checks to determine the school of magic involved in each. Make one check per aura: DC (15 + spell level), or (15 + 1/2 caster level) for a non-spell effect.

If the aura eminates from a magic item, you can attempt to identify its properties with a Spellcraft check.

Aura Strength: An aura’s power depends on a spell’s functioning spell level or an item’s caster level; see the accompanying table. If an aura falls into more than one category, detect magic indicates the stronger of the two.
ORIGIN pwr Faint Aura Moderate Strong Aura Overwhelming
Functioning Spell SL 3rd lvl 4th to 6th lvl 7th to 9th lvl spell lvl ≥ 10th
Magic Item CL 5th lvl 6th to 11th lvl 12th to 20th lvl CL ≥ 21st

Lingering Aura: A magical aura lingers after its original source dissipates (in the case of a spell) or is destroyed (in the case of a magic item). If detect magic is cast and directed at such a location, the spell indicates an aura strength of dim (even weaker than a faint aura). How long the aura lingers at this dim level depends on its original power:

Original Strength Faint Moderate Strong Overwhelming
Duration it lingers 1d6 minutes 1d6 ×10 minutes 1d6 hours 1d6 days

●Magical areas, multiple types of magic, or strong local magical emanations may distort or conceal weaker auras.
●Outsiders and elementals are not magical in themselves, but if they are summoned, the conjuration spell registers.
●Each round, you can turn to detect magic in a new area.
●The spell can penetrate barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.


Residual Tracking

Level: Ranger 1.
Casting Time: 1 minute.
Target: 1 footprint.
Duration: Instantaneous. .

School: Divination.
Components: V, S, M (a bit of plaster).
Range: Touch.
Save: None. SR: No.

Effect: By touching a footprint, you gain a clear mental image of the person or creature that made it. The image has the exact same appearance as the creature that made the footprint at the moment it made the imprint, including any telling features or expressions, any gear or equipment, or anything else the creature was carrying at the time. F.ex: The ''foot''print of a horse would reveal both the horse and any creature riding it when it made the footprint.


Blood Biography

Level: Brd 2, Clr 3, Inq 3, Sor/Wiz 3.
Casting Time: 1 minute.
Target: 1 creature’s blood or 1 bloodstain. .
Duration: Instantaneous.

School: Divination.
Components: V, S, M/DF (a scrap of parchment).
Range: Touch.
Save: Will negates (see text). SR: No.

Effect: Learn the answers to a specific set of questions about a creature so long as you have access to at least 1 drop of its blood. You can cast this spell on the blood of the living or the dead, but living or undead creatures are entitled to a save to resist the spell. Can cast the spell on dried or fresh blood.

Once you cast the spell, the answers to the 4 questions listed below appear on any flat surface you designate (a wall, a piece of paper, and so on). These answers always appear in a language you can read, even if the creature can't speak that or any language.

1.Who are you?: The name by which the creature is most commonly known.
2.What are you?: Gender, race, profession/role.
3.How was your blood shed?: Brief outline of the events that caused its wound, to the best of the victim’s knowledge.
4.When was your blood shed?


Discern Lies

Level: Cleric 4, Paladin 3
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft +5 ft / 2 CL)
Duration: Conc., max 1 round/CL .

School: Divination
Components: V, S, DF
Targets: 1 creature/CL, no 2 of which can be over 30 ft. apart
Saving Throw: Will negates. SR: No.

Effect: Each round, you concentrate on 1 target, who must be within range. You know if the target deliberately and knowingly speaks a lie, by discerning disturbances in its aura caused by lying. The spell does not reveal the truth, uncover unintentional inaccuracies, or necessarily reveal evasions.

Each round, you may concentrate on a different target.


True Seeing

Level: Clr 5, Drd 7, Sor/Wiz 6.
Casting Time: 1 standard action .
Target: 1 creature
Duration: 1 minute/CL

School: Divination
Components: V, S, M (eye ointment costing 250 gp)
Range: Touch
Save: Will negates (harmless). SR: Yes (harmless)

Effect: You confer on the subject the ability to see all things as they actually are. The subject sees through normal and magical darkness, notices secret doors hidden by magic, sees the exact locations of creatures or objects under blur or displacement effects, sees invisible creatures or objects normally, sees through illusions, and sees the true form of polymorphed, changed, or transmuted things. Further, the subject can focus its vision to see into the Ethereal Plane (but not into extradimensional spaces). The range of true seeing conferred is 120 feet.

True seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray vision or its equivalent. It does not negate concealment, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret doors hidden by mundane means. In addition, the spell effects can't be further enhanced with known magic, so one can't use true seeing through a crystal ball or in conjunction with "clairaudience/clairvoyance".


Arcane Sight

Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Casting: 1 standard action .
Duration: 1 min per CL (D)

School: Divination
Components: V, S
Range: Personal. Target: You.

Effect: Makes your eyes glow blue and allows you to see magical auras within 120 feet of you. The effect is similar to that of a "detect magic" spell, but arcane sight doesn't require concentration and discerns aura location and power more quickly.

You know the location and power of all magical auras within your sight. An aura’s power depends on a spell’s functioning level or an item’s caster level, as noted in the description of the detect magic spell. If the items or creatures bearing the auras are in line of sight, you can make Spellcraft skill checks to determine the school of magic involved in each. (Make one check per aura; DC 15 + spell level, or 15 + half caster level for a nonspell effect.)

If you concentrate on a specific creature within 120 feet of you as a standard action, you can determine whether it has any spellcasting or spell-like abilities, whether these are arcane or divine (spell-like abilities register as arcane), and the strength of the most powerful spell or spell-like ability the creature currently has available for use.

As with "detect magic", you can use this spell to identify the properties of magic items, but not artifacts.


Inquisitive Characters

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