Margannt ir'Jaseur

Nature: NPC
Race: Half-orc / Half-Rakshasa
Class: Investigator
Archetype: Mastermind
Allegiance: Lords of Dust ("daddy")
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 12.1 "From Aundair With Love" ("Man With the Mithril Gun" part 3)

Description: Highly cultured, extremely polite and courteous, impeccably dressed and mannered, tastefully affluent, sensibly prudent and well-prepared, comparatively reasonable, and coldly, genocidally, monstrously evil.

His hands are 'reversed', so that his fingers bend 'backwards' compared to the direction that the fingers of normal humanoids do. Given that this wasn't immediately obvious until he intentionally revealed it, he either had some powerful way to mask this trait, or else he can use his hands 'normally' when he wants to.

Information: His mother was a minor Aundairian half-orc noblewoman who lost her lands and holdings when the Eldeen Reaches seceded from the Aundairian kingdom during the Last War, and who was further ruined by the scandal of having a child out of wedlock. Nobody ever knew who his father was at the time, though his mother always liked to pretent and hint that it was one of the twin brothers currently serving as Aundair's ambassadors in Sharn.

The player characters recently learned that his elusive father was in fact a Rakshasa, one of the terrible fiends native to this world, and that Margannt has inherited the talent for villainous schemes that his father's species is so famous for. He also admitted that the the motives behind his plan to reignite wars that would cause the deaths of millions of innocent people was "to impress dad", so it can be assumed that he also serves his fiendish parent's agenda.

In any case, he was discovered to be a true mastermind, the villainous leader of his own secret criminal network, which he used to enact his large-scale manipulations aimed towards causing unimaginable suffering and tragedy.

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