Nature: Game mechanics

"Maneuvers" are those combat actions where you try to affect an enemy beyond just trying to inflict damage on them.

There are some basic rules that all Maneuvers follow, but each type of Maneuver also has its own set of specific rules.

See also: Maneuver Feats

The Maneuver Types

Bull Rush: Pushing a target backwards
Dirty Trick: Temporarily hindering or inconveniencing a target
Disarm: Make target no longer have their weapon
Drag: Move yourself and target backwards, so they end up where you were just standing.
Grapple: Grabbing hold of target, and hanging on tight.
Overrun: Moving through and past a square where an enemy is, who doesn't want to allow it.
Reposition: Force the target to move to a different position.
Steal: Take an item the target has, provided they're not holding it & it isn't packed away
Sunder: Damage or break one of the target's items (usually their weapon).
Trip: Make the target fall down and be prone.

Often Confused With Maneuvers:
●Aid Another

Basic Mechanics

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