Malleon's Gate

Nature: Location
Type: Goblinoid slum district in Sharn
Ward: Lower Dura
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temple (Sovereign Host), shrine (The Mockery), poor lodging (7), poor food (45), average trades (4), poor trades (1116), average services (4), poor services (41), poor residences (344)

First Impression: Chaos and noise. This district is run-down and filthy. Smoke fills the air and rats scurry in the shadows. Goblins are everywhere, squabbling, haggling, and shouting at one another. A bugbear forces his way through the crowd, flinging goblins aside. A trio of hobgoblin warriors emerges from a tavern and the crowd instantly parts.


Sharn was built from the ruins of Shaarat, which was built atop old Duur'shaarat. All of these cities had one thing in common: Goblins. Malleon the Reaver enslaved the goblins of Duur'shaarat and forced them to build his city. King Galifar I offered the goblins freedom in exchange for their service as soldiers and laborers. For many of the goblins, there was little difference between life as a slave and life as a free laborer, but over the centuries some learned valuable trades and established their own businesses. While the goblins were officially citizens of Galifar, few humans enjoyed their company, and they found themselves congregating in Malleon’s Gate.

For centuries, goblins were the sole inhabitants of Malleon’s Gate. But with the rise of Darguun, all manner of goblinoids have emerged from the Seawall Mountains, and many have come to Sharn in search of opportunity. The relationship between the “city goblins” and these new immigrants is not entirely amicable; the Ghaal'dar bugbears and hobgoblins are used to dominating the goblins of Darguun, while the goblins of Sharn value their independence and rights as citizens. Daask and the recent immigrants from Droaam have brought new stability to the situation, as bugbear and goblin alike have to respect the power of a medusa or ogre mage. Nonetheless, Malleon’s Gate remains a very dangerous place. While most of the Sharn goblins happily do business with people of all races, a number of goblin gangs, bugbear bullies, and unpleasant ogres enjoy taking out their frustrations on strangers.

The Sharn Watch stays out of Malleon’s Gate, but recently the medusa Gasslak has assumed the responsibility of maintaining order in the district. Gasslak only uses his power to deal with major disruptions; he doesn’t care if a few bugbears throw their weight around. A few statues scattered around the streets give mute testimony to Gasslak’s power.

While many of the trades and services available in Malleon’s Gate are criminal in nature, the goblins also pursue a variety of crafts and professions. The district contains an old temple to the Sovereign Host, but the nine sovereigns are depicted as idealized goblinoids. Many of the Darguuls and Droaamites revere the Dark Six, and Gasslak has established a shrine to the Mockery in his abode.

Malleon's Gate Locations

Bloodstone Inn


Outside the city
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Gate of Gold district

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