Hobkins Malefactor

Nature: Creature
Type: Fey
Subtype: Gremlin

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Small
CR: 1 and up

Information: Ordinary hobkins are threats to common folk or careless adventurers with more offense than defense, but hobkins malefactors can mold a group of their lesser hobkins cousins into something much more terrifying. Gifted with eerie psychic powers, malefactors can command countless hobkins telepathically to ensure perfect coordination.

Malefactors have psionic manifesting ability, with a variety of psychic powers at their command, different for each individual. Sometimes they even take levels in a psionic class.

They are rarely content with the destruction of prized possessions; instead, malefactors seek nothing less than the massacre of innocents at the hands of their own protectors. To accomplish these goals, they calculate each of their moves carefully, with an endgame of an entire small settlement gathered together and prime for redirected attacks from the hobkins’ "collateral damage" ability.

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