Weapon Enhancement

Nature: Magic Item
Feat: Craft Magic Arms & Armor

A magic weapon has an enhancement bonus, which is added to both the attack and damage rolls when that item is used to attack someone with.

It is also possible to add special abilities to a magic weapon, trading in a part of the normal bonus for a different effect instead. To add such features the weapon must also have at least a +1 bonus on it, however.


Bonus Price
+1 2'000 gp
+2 8'000 gp
+3 18'000 gp
+4 32'000 gp
+5 50'000 gp
Bonus Price
+6 72'000 gp
+7 98'000 gp
+8 128'000 gp
+9 162'000 gp
+10 200'000 gp

Weapon Enhancement

A weapon can't have a pure enhancement bonus higher than +5, without the use of Epic-level crafting. The listed costs for values of +6 and up are instead used to determine price when special abilities are added to the weapon.

A single weapon can't have a total effective bonus rating (enhancement + special abilities + equivalent effects from character abilities, spells & powers) higher than +10.

Caster Level: 3 x (Enhancement bonus), or the CL listed for its Weapon Abilities (if any), whichever is higher.

Stats: Each +1 of enhancement bonus gives the item +2 Hardness & +10 HP.

Weapon Abilities

Some weapon qualities have an extra effect on a critical hit.
This functions even against creatures not normally subject to critical hits.

If a weapon has a special ability that user has to activate, then user usually has to utter a command word, which takes a "standard" action.

Energy Traits

Trait Worth Trait W. Trait W.
Acid Corrosive +1 bonus Corrosive Burst +2 Neutralizing +1 Acid
Fire Flaming +1 bonus Flaming Burst +2 Quenching +1 Fire
Cold Frost +1 bonus Icy Burst +2 Thawing +1 Cold
Electric Shock +1 bonus Shocking Burst +2 Grounding +1 Electric

Energy qualities:
●On command, weapon is wreathed in 'aura' of the selected "energy" type
●While active, a successful hit deals +1d6 energy damage of this type

Burst qualities: As basic version, but deals additional +1d10 energy damage on a Critical Hit
(or +2d10 if weapon deals x3 on a crit, or +3d10 if it does x4 on crits), even if it hasn't been activated

''Defeating'' qualities: (limit: melee weapons only)
●A successful hit deals +1d6 damage if the target has the given subtype (earth, fire, cold, or air)
●Wielder gets +2 to saves vs that energy type
●Weapon is immune to that energy
●Can be used to 'negate' mundane manifestation (neutralize acid, thaw ice, put out fire, etc).

Alignment Traits

TRAIT Value Worth Harms
Holy Good +2 bonus Evil
Unholy Evil +2 bonus Good
Anarchic Chaotic +2 bonus Lawful
Axiomatic Lawful +2 bonus Chaotic

●Overcomes Damage Reduction that is weak against its alignment (f.ex. "Unholy" overcomes "DR 5/evil")
●A successful hit deals +2d6 damage to beings with the opposed alignment (f.ex. "Unholy" deals +2d6 dmg to "Good" targets)
●A wielder with an alignment opposed by the weapon gets 1 negative level for as long as they hold the weapon

Melee Traits

Melee Worth
Allying* +1 bonus
Bane +1 bonus
Benevolent* +1 bonus
Called +1 bonus
Cleaving +1 bonus
Conductive +1 bonus
Melee Worth
Countering +1 bonus
Courageous* +1 bonus
Cruel +1 bonus
Cunning +1 bonus
Deadly +1 bonus
Defending* +1 bonus
Melee Worth
Dispelling +1 bonus
Furious +1 bonus
Ghost Touch +1 bonus
Grayflame +1 bonus
Guardian* +1 bonus
Melee Worth
Heartseeker +1 bonus
Huntsman +1 bonus
Inspired +1 bonus
Keen 1 +1 bonus
Ki Focus +1 bonus
Limning +1 bonus
Melee Worth
Menacing +1 bonus
Merciful +1 bonus
Mimetic +1 bonus
Ominous +1 bonus
Planar +1 bonus
Seaborne +1 bonus
Melee Worth
Spell Storing +1 bonus
Throwing +1 bonus
Thundering +1 bonus
Valiant +1 bonus
Vicious +1 bonus

Melee Worth
Advancing +2 bonus
Anchoring +2 bonus
Defiant +2 bonus
Dispelling Burst +2 bonus
Disruption 2 +2 bonus
Furyborn +2 bonus
Glorious +2 bonus
Igniting +2 bonus
Melee Worth
Impact 4 +2 bonus
Invigorating +2 bonus
Ki Intensifying +2 bonus
Lifesurge +2 bonus
Negating +2 bonus
Phase Locking +2 bonus
Stalking +2 bonus
Wounding +2 bonus

Melee Worth
Nullifying +3 bonus
Repositioning +3 bonus
Speed +3 bonus
Spellstealing +3 bonus
Melee Worth
Brilliant Energy +4 bonus
Dancing +4 bonus
Melee Worth
Vorpal 3 +5 bonus
Melee Cost
Impervious +3'000 gp
Glamered +4'000 gp
Transformative +10'000 gp
Dueling +14'000 gp

(1 = piercing or slashing weapons only) (2 = bludgeoning weapons only) (3 = slashing weapons only) (4 = not light weapons)
(* = the effect entirely depends on the weapon's enhancement bonus)

Ranged Traits

Ranged Worth
Allying +1 bonus
Bane 1 +1 bonus
Called +1 bonus
Conductive +1 bonus
Conserving +1 bonus
Cruel +1 bonus
Cunning +1 bonus
Distance +1 bonus
Ranged Worth
Huntsman +1 bonus
Inspired +1 bonus
Limning +1 bonus
Merciful 1 +1 bonus
Planar +1 bonus
Returning 3 +1 bonus
Seeking +1 bonus
Thundering 1 +1 bonus

Ranged Worth
Anchoring 3 +2 bonus
Designating 1 +2 bonus
Endless Ammo 4 +2 bonus
Igniting 1 +2 bonus
Phase Locking 1 +2 bonus
Stalking +2 bonus
Ranged Worth
Speed +3 bonus
Ranged Worth
Brilliant energy 1 +4 bonus
+4 bonus
Nimble shot +4 bonus
Second chance 1 +4 bonus
Ranged Cost
Adaptive 2 +1'000 gp
Impervious +3'000 gp
Glamered +4'000 gp

(1 = If projectile weapon, it bestows the effect on its ammo) (2 = Only composite bows) (3 = Only thrown weapons) (4 = Only bows & crossbows)


It's possible to enchant pieces of ammunition. For the purposes of these rules, 50 pieces of ammo are usually treated as equivalent to 1 weapon (same cost to enchant, can activate 50 ammo at once like you'd activate 1 weapon, etc).

Even non-magical ammo fired from a magical projectile weapon (one with a bonus of +1 or more) is considered a "magic" attack for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction (DR). In the same way, ammo fired from a weapon with an alignment effect overcomes DR accordingly (f.ex. ammo from a good crossbow overcomes DR/good).

The enhancement bonus put on ammunition doesn't stack with the bonus put on the ranged weapon it's fired from. Only the highest of the two modifiers is used.

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