Lucky Nines

Nature: Location
City: Sharn (Firelight district, in Lower Menthis)

The "Lucky Nines" casino uses a remarkable amount of magic in the decoration and operation of the business. The owner, Fasha Yask, employs a full staff of spellcasters (wizards, sorcerers, bards, artificers, and magewrights) to keep the place running smoothly.

"Unseen servant" spells attend to customers’ needs, "continual flame" spells give illumination, illusions provide glamour and glitter, and bouncers with "detect thoughts" and "detect magic" patrol the floor to catch those who would cheat the establishment.

In addition, as many would-be thieves have discovered, a variety of magic wards protect the place after hours, from "fire trap" to "guards & wards".

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