Lower Menthis

Nature: Location
Type: Lower Ward in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau

Population: 8'400
Social: Lower class (2 middle class districts)
Areas: Theater district, red light district, tavern district, average residences (2)
Businesses: Seedy but not run-down, theaters, casinos, bordellos, restaurants, and inns.

Character: Rowdy entertainment district.

Key Personalities:
Councilor Savia Potellas (female human)


The lower ward of Menthis Plateau perhaps best meets the stereotype of a metropolitan entertainment district. Its streets are crowded night and day, its buildings huddle dark and close together, and its offerings are lurid and often risqué. The only exceptions are the two residential districts, which are comparatively quiet places that give the City Watch little trouble.

Lower Menthis Districts

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