Nature: Creature
Type: Humanoid
Subtypes: Aquatic

Alignment: Lawful Good
Size: Medium
CR: 1/2 (or as per class levels)

First Mentioned: 7.1 "Monsters of the Black Lagoon"
First Encountered: 8.1 "Black Lagoon 2: Electric Bugaloo"

Description: They are lean and slender humanoids, barely shorter on average than humans, and bear crested fins on their head and back. They have the wide-eyed and wide-lipped face of a fish. They have scaly ochre skin tinged with green and yellow. Ridged, rust-colored skin covers their chests and stomachs, and a mottled wash of green, brown, and orange colors their fins like aging kelp.

While the locathah stand roughly as tall as humans, yet their fins jut out, giving them an imposing stature. Lean & strong, they weigh roughly 160 pounds. When above water, the locathahs exude a strong fishy odor, which combined with their already unnerving appearance has helped ensure that they repulse most land-dwellers.

Information: Simple yet amphibious creatures shunned by landwalkers and undersea folk alike, locathahs live in tight-knit communities scattered throughout the world’s seas, lakes. and waterways. Among their own kind and races friendly toward them, locathahs are social creatures who live a very human-like, albeit simple, lifestyle.

The locathah hold the community in the highest regard. They dislike combat and usually flee when disarmed or outnumbered, as long as everyone can get away: they never leave a friend behind, and often go to great lengths to retrieve a fallen companion.

They work in stone, coral, and bone to produce the crude implements they use. Some take coral work to obsessive levels, with certain clans taking generations to grow their preferred medium in its desired form before carving it.

They feed on crustaceans, undersea plants, and shellfish, and rarely on large fish that are caught during ritualized hunts.

They tame moray eels, keeping them near their lairs as humans keep dogs. Some locathah soldiers and hunting groups use giant moray eels as mounts, chasing down their quarry and attacking with narrow-tipped spears.

Locathah matriarchs serve their undersea tribes not only as chieftains, but also as the primary egg layers of the community. More powerful aquatic races (like sahuagin) use locathahs as slaves when they can, abducting breeding matriarchs to produce a constant wave of new workers.

Despite the animosity they're usually met with because of their repulsive smell and disconcerting appearance, the locathahs still go to great lengths to befriend surface folk, and try to accomplish this by for instance offering to provide safe passage through the waters, pointing out dangerous reefs, warning coastal settlement about approaching dangers, and hinting at sunken treasures they might help retrieve.

They hope that by doing these things, by showing how useful the locathah can be to the land-dwelling communities, they'll be able to establish peaceful friendships with them and thereby be able to provide such services on a regular basis in return for goods that they themselves can't easily obtain. Most prized by them are tools made from durable ceramics and metal tools and weapons (which are difficult to produce underwater), as well as tubers, which they view as a rare and exquisite delicacy.

The fact that these are people who literally have been willing to trade away a pound of gold in order to get a pound of potatoes in return, has oftentimes led unscrupulous scoundrels to take advantage of these folks, on the rare occasions when they manage to overcome the hostility and misunderstandings that usually prevent them from getting a dialogue going at all.

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