Spiders Of Leng

Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Subtype: Extraplanar
World: Plateau of Leng, a demiplane lurking midway between Dal Quor & Xoriat

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Huge
CR: 14

First Encountered: 25.3 "The Leng Way Home"

Description: "This immense purple spider has a legspan of nearly forty feet and a hideously bloated body, yet still moves with fluid grace."

A Leng spider’s body is 18 feet long and weighs 6'000 pounds. Most of them have only 7 legs, but some possess 9, 11, or only 5 — they never have an even number.

Information: The spiders of Leng have long warred with that realm’s more humanoid denizens, yet this does not make the spiders allies of sane life. These arachnid-like beings see themselves as deserving of true positions of power, and the only creatures they suffer to live apart from their kin are their magically controlled slaves.

Fortunately, the spiders have no intrinsic way to travel to the mortal world, and must use portals or other methods to visit this dimension.

Artistic trap builders, Leng spiders construct lairs of dangerous and haunting beauty made of webs and other materials found nearby.

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