Lathon Halpum

Nature: NPC
Race: Hobbit
Class: Barbarian
Residence: Talenta Plains
Allegiance: Lath of the Abramam Tribe
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male

Leads one of the largest nomadic tribes wandering the Talenta Plains. So great is the respect that the other laths feel for Halpum that they selected him to represent all the tribes of the Talenta at the Thronehold peace talks at the end of the Last War.

At these negotiations, he was able to obtain status and recognition for the Talenta Plains as an independent nation, and he returned triumphantly to share the news at a gathering of laths in Gatherhold.

Since then, Halpum has returned to leading his own tribe, the Abramam, a powerful group of almost one thousand hobbits that roam the Plains.

As a battle-rider in his younger days, and as a lath leading hobbit warbands during the Last War, Halpum knows the value of military might. He keeps his tribe fit and well trained, for the dangers of the Last War still haunt the Plains.

If the skirmishes with Valenar escalate, or if the fragile peace keeping the Five Nations in check breaks, the other laths would once again turn to Halpum for leadership. Next time, he might decide to unite all the tribes for the safety of the nation.

While the characters have never met the man himself, they have encountered one of his children, the rather irresponsible young woman known as Rhea, along with her mount, the Swordtooth Titan she's dubbed Snuggles.


Tribal members are tied by blood and tradition, but even so, some tribes disband and merge at regular intervals, and sometimes a powerful lath might attract a number of tribes to his banner. Such a leader is called a "lathon", a "leader of leaders".

Over the generations, a few mighty lathons have gathered the tribes together for massive undertakings, such as when Lathon Uldom united the tribes to repel human invaders some 2'000 years ago.

More recently, Halpum was granted the title of Lathon by the collected laths of the plains, which empowered him to represent them when he went to Thronehold to negotiate forth an end to the Last War, and which he then used to create the sovereign nation of the Talenta Plains.

Halpum still carries the grand title, but more as an honorary post than as a ruler — he continues to oversee his own tribe, one of the largest in the Plains, but he doesn’t actually command the other laths, despite the fact that everyone still refers to him as a "lathon".

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