Laren Boromar d'Tarkanan

Nature: NPC
Race: Hobbit
Dragonmark: Aberrant (Greater)
Allegiance: House Tarkanan
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 13.2 "Gangs of Sharn"

Information: Laren was born and raised as a member of the Boromar Clan mafia, trained in his family's various criminal activities in the same way that the son of a baker grows up learning how to make bread. In fact, he was seen as something of a prodigy, and many thought he would go on to become one of the clan's best assassins before too long.

But when he developed an aberrant dragonmark in his adolescent years he was afraid of how his relatives would react if they ever found out, and so he hid his new abilities from them for several years. When his mark was eventually discovered there was a fair bit of uproar, in large part because many found it suspicious that he had chosen to keep this a secret from the clan, and as a result he found himself in a bad situation. When he learned about the newly-created "House" for aberrant people he quietly left the Boromars and joined up as soon as possible.

While this defection might have contributed to the initial hostilities between the two criminal syndicates, it was also Laren's family connections and intimate experience with the clan's methods which not only allowed Tarkanan to survive that early period of conflict with the city's dominant organization, but it also paved the way for the eventual ceasefire and nonagression agreement between the two.

Laren has functioned as something of a mediator and contact-person between Boromar & Tarkanan ever since, though his primary duties for the house mostly involve organizing & coordinating their more non-violent activities, as well as making sure that new members are well taken care of.

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