These are the 30 biggest and most relevant languages in the setting, with information on who typically uses the language as well as what alphabet is used in its written form.

LANGUAGE Typical speakers Alphabet
Abyssal Demons of Shavarath* Fiendish
Aklo Khyber denizens Daelkyr
Aquan Water-based creatures Tengwar
Argon Argonessen & Seren tribes Galifaran
Auran Air-based creatures Draconic
Celestial Archons of Shavarath* Angelic
Common Humans, hobbits, half-orcs,
gnomes, khoravar, etc
Daan Inevitables, Formians, Modrons, &
other lawful beings of Daanvi*
Daelkyr Aberrations & beings of Xoriat* Daelkyr
Draconic Kobolds, troglodytes, dragons Draconic
Druidic Druids (only) Ogham
Dwarven Dwarves Runic
Elven Aereni, valenari, drow, umbragen Tengwar
Giant Ogres, giants, drow Jotunn
Gnoll Gnolls Galifaran
Gnomen Gnomes Zil
Goblinoid Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears Dhaakani
Halfling Hobbits Galifaran
Ignan Fire-based creatures Draconic
Infernal Devils of Shavarath* Fiendish
Irial Positive energy creatures of Irian* Draconic
Kythric Proteans & Slaadi, the chaotic
creatures native to Kythri*
Mabran Nightshades & beings of Mabar* Draconic
Orcish Orcs, half-orcs Dhaakani
Quor Kalashtar & beings of Dal Quor* Quori
Riedran Lower classes of Sarlona old Galifaran
Risian Frost-beings, natives of Risia* Runic
Sylvan Fey, azatas, beings of Thelanis* Tengwar
Syranian Angels of Syrania* Angelic
Terran Earth-based creatures Runic

(* = a plane of existence / another dimension)

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