Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtypes: Cold, Evil
World: Risia, the Plain of Ice

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Large
CR: 12

First Encountered: 16.2 "Unleash the KRAMPUS!"

Description: Krampus stands at 10 feet tall and weighs approximately 600 pounds. He is covered from head to cloven toe with a dingy blue-grey hair that reeks of sulfur and smoke. Atop his head are two long, curved nonfunctional horns.

Information: ●Every 5 years, the dimension of cold (Risia) 'overlaps' the mortal world for 1 month in mid-winter.
●In this month you can cross from one world to the other, in areas of extreme cold.
●Krampus (usually) needs these conditions to visit the mortal world (or that's the only time he's allowed to act here), so he only comes during that 1 month every 5 years.


●When he comes, he sniffs out naughty children (and/or adults, if need be), and captures them (his prehensile, tendril-like tongue is often disgustingly involved)
●Punishments dealt out vary depending on how naughty a kid has been. Usually, he appears and wakes the child, giving them the scare of their lives.
●Other times the kid will find snuff spit or even worse bodily waste left behind in their clothes or among their toys. For the especially naughty, Krampus will deal a whipping with the switches he carries.
●Every once in a while, an exceptionally horrid child is whisked away in the night, taken back with Krampus to the hell-world of Risia where he dwells. Forever.

●He doesn't visit 'every ''child in the world'', but instead punishes the children in whatever town he randomly goes to when he arrives on the material plane.
●Yet when Krampus comes, his 'opposite' also shows up: "Santa", who rewards good behavior.
●This is a yin-yang type setup, where they represent the balance between reward & punishment.

●The abducted victims are set to do slave labor in Risia, working in the coal mines or the ruthless toy workshops without comfort or warmth or rest, or else freeze to death (or worse….)
●This isn't new, but has been going on for longer than human civilization. Goblinoids had it too.
●Since those taken don't seem to die of old age (or it's slower), there's 11'000+ years of goblinoid slaves, & ca 3-5K years of humans, elves, etc.
●Even if only the worst of the worst are taken, and even if it only happens once a year, that still accumulates over the centuries.
●This is how ''santa'' can have all these toys & magic items he can generously give away: millennia of punished 'bad' kids as slaves.

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