Nature: Creature
Type: Magical Beast
Subtype: Aquatic
Heraldry: Lyrandar

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Gargantuan
CR: 18

Known Abilities: Water jet, Tenacious grapple, Constrict, Ink Cloud, Immune to Mind-affecting effects, and Rend ship.
Spell-like abilities: Control Winds, Control Weather, Resist Energy, Dominate Monster

Description: "This tremendous leviathan resembles a vast squid, yet the markings on its body are strangely unsettling to look upon."

A kraken measures nearly 100 feet in length and weighs 4'000 pounds

6 of the beast’s tentacles are shorter arms about 30 feet long; the remaining 2 are nearly 60 feet long & covered with barbs. Its beak- like mouth is located where the tentacles meet the lower portion of its body.

They speak Common and Aquan.

Information: The legendary kraken is one of the greatest of sailors’ fears, for here is a creature the size of a whale, one that can strike from the unseen depths below, can command the winds and weather that a ship needs to move, and has the cruel intellect of the world’s most creative and spiteful criminals.

Aggressive, cruel, and highly intelligent, krakens rule entire undersea regions. Though these behemoths are rarely seen on the surface, stories tell of ships dragged under and islands scoured of life by these monsters.

Krakens make their lairs thousands of feet below the ocean surface. They frequently inhabit huge cavern complexes that include sections filled with breathable air, where they imprison and breed humanoid slaves to serve and feed them.

Some believe krakens to be a punishment of the gods, while others hold them to be the true lords of the deep, with the air-breathing races naught but their cattle.

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