Nature: Location
Type: Finance district in Sharn
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Upper Central
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Banks (5), moneychangers (30), temple (Kol Korran), upscale food (40), exotic trades (24), upscale trades (100), upscale residences (80)

First Impression: There doesn’t seem to be anyone here who is not wealthy, and the whole district seems to be set up as a shrine to money itself. Every shop sells only the finest goods, each huge house is impeccably maintained, and the sound of money changing hands fills the air. Even the guards — who are everywhere — seem well off.


Korranath, one of Sharn’s twin financial districts, is also the seat of the Aurum’s power in the city. Named for the great temple of Kol Korran that lies at its heart, Korranath is utterly dedicated to the darker side of the god of wealth — the pursuit of wealth at any cost.

Korranath Locations

The Korranath
Kundarak Bank of Sharn
The Vaults
Riak Mansion


Platinum Heights district
North ▲
The Upper Dura ward ◄West Korranath East► Korran-Thiven district
▼ South
Mithral Tower district

Above: Brilliant
Below: Ambassador Towers
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