Kor ir'Wynarn

Nature: NPC
Race: Human
Class: Aristocrat 3 / Fighter 3
Allegiance: Commander of the Citadel of Breland
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male

Information: Kor ir’Wynarn, younger brother to King Boranel, serves as the king’s advisor and commander of the King's Citadel. He cherishes his older brother and is extremely loyal to both crown and country. As commander of the Citadel, Kor is far from the best agent the group has to offer. He has learned leadership and commitment from Boranel, however, and he has developed a keen ability to administer the duties of the office.

Kor splits his time between the Citadel headquarters and the king’s chambers in Brokenblade Castle. As commander of the Citadel, Kor directs a team of captains who each command a division of the elite agency. As the royal advisor, Kor brings important information to Boranel, listens to the king, and offers advice on matters of state. King Boranel often follows his own heart, but not without first listening to the advice of his trusted brother.

It has been suggested that Kor might step in to lead the nation after Boranel’s reign ends, but the royal advisor doesn’t want the office or the responsibility. Besides, he's only a few years younger than Boranel—not the strong & vigorous leader the nation will need when the time comes. He is content to watch for threats to crown and country, offer opinions and intelligence as warranted, and be a friend and brother to the king.

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