Khyber - The Dragon Below

Nature: Progenitor Wyrm & World

Legend holds that Khyber was one of the three great dragons who created the universe in the beginning, before she killed her brother Siberys, whereupon she was imprisoned by her sister Eberron, who enfolded Khyber and trapped her within her eternal embrace.

That is why Khyber is The Dragon Below, for while Eberron became the ground we walk on and the natural world of trees and oceans and animals, Khyber still exists, far beneath the surface.

It is the dark counterpart to the world we know. It isn't a part of the "natural world" of flora and fauna, as its native life has a completely different origin. It is a land devoid of sunlight, where caves which range from person-sized pockets to country-sized caverns interconnect and form the landscape.

It is the body of the Dragon Below, which is the realm where corruption and evil originated from, and where it has been trapped for much of known history. Here all manner of monsters and fiends are born, all of them seeking to escape, for they are as trapped as their dark mother.

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