Kyamun ''Kay'' Bakker

Nature: Player Character
Player: Ole K. Bjorøy
User: MrKillerwaveMrKillerwave

Race: Khoravar (Half-Elf-ish)
Origins: Riedra (Exiled)
Residence: Lives in Galethspyre

Class: Rogue 12
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral-Good
Religion: None, or themselves.


Gender: Male-ish
Age: 26 (technically 29)
Hair: Brown or white
Eyes: brown or red
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Body: Medium
Clothing: Stylish
Other traits: Optimist, Hedonist, masochist and slightly mad-er.

He was born in Dar Ulatesh, Riedra. His father was a sailor in the Brelandian merchant fleet, his mother a waitress in a tavern catering to sailors. You see where that went.
He did never fit in in Riedra, their rules and laws suffocating his free spirit. Good thing he never really followed them.
Consequences were minor, usually, and he had a knack for directing the blame of his ill deeds, toward the people he deemed just. Usually bullies or bigots that picket on him or any other minority.
he never did any serious crime, but he eventually pissed of the wrong person, or persons, enough to get himself exiled.

After sailing to Khorvaire, he found himself smitten by an Elven cultist. You should have seen her, well, you would have to be blinded not to notice her. She had a derriere like a goddess. Like two full moons on a summer night sky. Normally elvish booties are lithe and petite, but hers where out of this world, neigh, out of every conceivable plane, all thirteen of them. Her fundament was so fine, and so taut, it could deflect an arrow fired at it from a 10 foot distance with an enchanted elvish longbow.
She also had nice tits.
She's dead now thought…

Her cult tried to sacrifice Kay to their demon god, to summon him in to this world, but they failed spectacularly, and instead banished Kay to a different plane.

Once arrived to the plane, Kay found himself smitten by a Daelkyr.
Naturally, that relationship worked out fine. Kay has many found memories of their time together.
Goal in life: To become the most renowned tour guide to the 13 planes. Or a god.


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