Karrnathi Zombie

Nature: Creature
Type: Undead

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 3

Description: "A zombie clad in half-plate lumbers toward you, brandishing a longsword. The soldier’s rotting flesh peels back in places to reveal sinew and bone, and its dead-black eye sockets glare menacingly. It is dressed in the old and ragged tatters of a military uniform from Karrnath."

A Karrnathi zombie resembles an ordinary human zombie who's wearing half-plate armor and carrying a light steel shield and masterwork longsword, but contrary to expectations it retains the sentience and military training it had in life.

A dreadful stench typically heralds the arrival of one or more of these creatures. They speak in a deep, scratchy, and guttural voice.

Information: Karrnathi zombies are created from the remains of elite Karrnathi soldiers slain in battle, re-animated as undead creatures. Unlike normal zombies, however, it has been imbued with evil intelligence, and its desiccated flesh has been treated alchemically to make it more resilient.

In the early years of the Last War, they were few in number and fough along side Karrnath’s living soldiers, but their numbers increased as the war progressed, to the point where the Karrnathi generals could mobilize entire divisions composed of Karrnathi zombies and Karrnathi skeletons.

Unlike normal zombies, Karrnathi zombies fight intelligently and aren't limited to a single action each round. They can't run, however. There are also Karrnathi zombie archers, who have composite longbows (+2 Str bonus) instead of light shields.

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