Karola Soranath

Nature: NPC
Race: Dwarf
Class: Druid
Sect: Wardens
Origins: Karrnath
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Female

First Encountered: 17.1 "A Midwinter Night's Shindig"

Information: Having recently passed her 400th birthday, Karola is the first to point out (loudly) that she spent the first 3/4ths of her life as a citizen of the glorious Kingdom of Galifar, and that this new-fangled "last war" and "five nations" rubbish is just another sign of how young people nowadays have NO clue on how to manage affairs.

Why, when SHE was young, they didn't need this sort of wishy-washy grand ritual to pacify extradimensional invaders just because the winter is a little bit chillier. That happens every five years, after all, and they never had a problem with it in the old days. No, kids today are far too soft and spoiled, and can't cope with a little bit of adversity, in her opinion, but she's still grudgingly agreed to lend her considerable experience and followers to the "shindig" enterprise arranged by her fellow druids Ari and Gurtha.

After all, it's not like the young whippersnappers would have ANY chance of pulling off something like this without HER help, now is it? And so she's doing her duty, if only to show the new generations how things are done.

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