Hit Points 186 18d10+72
Base A. Bonus +17
Melee Attack +17/12/7/2
Ranged Attack +26/21/16/11
Maneuvers +25
Armor Class +39
Touch AC +17
Flat-footed +28
Maneuvers +23

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 7 –2
Dexterity 26 +8
Constitution 18 +4
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 10 +0
Charisma 22 +6
Fortitude +22
Reflex +24
Will +18
SKILL Roll Calculating
Acrobatics +27 dex 8 +rank 13 +class 3 +banner 2
+Ioun 1
Bluff +11 cha 6 +race 2 +Ioun 1 +banner 2
Diplomacy +32 cha 6 +rank 17
+race 2
+class 3
+Ioun 1
+outfit 1
+banner 2
Intimidate +11 cha 6 +race 2 +Ioun 1 +banner 2
Perception +3 wis 0 +Ioun 1 +banner 2
+24 cha 6 +rank 12 +class 3 +banner 2
+Ioun 1
Survival +24 wis 0 +rank 18 +class 3 +banner 2
+Ioun 1
Use Magic
+27 cha 6 +rank 18 +Ioun 1 +banner 2
KNOWLEDGE Roll Calculating
Religion +15 int +1 +rank 8 +class 3 +banner 2
+Ioun 1
Psionics +15 int +1 +rank 8 +class 3 +banner 2
+Ioun 1


Nature: Sidekick
Leader: Kehs'shana
Player: Joar
User: StormCastStormCast

Race: Kalashtar
Origins: Sharn
Residence: Overlook
Religion: il-Yannah

Class: Cavalier 12,
Fighter 5, Extreme Explorer 1
Archetype: Dashing Hero
Order: Order of the Light
(as Staff, except Psionic)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral



Gender: Male
Age: 52
Hair: Dark Silver
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 131lbs
Body: Fit thin body of a professional dancer
Clothing: Adar traditional "Dancing With Shadows" clothing, made from Glamorweave.
Oher traits:
Job: Exotic dancer


Boyfriend of Kehs'shana

Racial Abilities

Languages: Common, Quor
Dual Spirit: +2 racial bonus on saving throws against Mind–Affecting effects, and Possession.

Psychic Presence: +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy & Intimidate checks
Human Semblance: +2 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to impersonate a human.

Dreamless: Even though they do sleep, they do not dream.
●Gives immunity to the ''dream'' & ''nightmare'' spells.
●Also immune to any other effect that relies on the target’s ability to dream.

Naturally Psionic: ●Get +1 extra "Power Point" per level, even if they don't have a psionic class.
They don't, however, get the ability to manifest powers simply by virtue of having power points.
●They can get [psionic]-type, [metapsionic]-type & psionic [item creation]-type feats.

Psi-Like Abilities: ''Mindlink'' (1/day). Manifester lvl = 1/2 character's lvl (save DC is Cha-based)
Houserule: They can spend of their "Power Points" to use this ability additional times per day,
but then the power doesn't get the usual 'auto-augmenting' that psi-like abilities normally do.

Psionic Aptitude: When a kalashtar takes a level in a favored class,
they can choose to gain +1 additional "Power Point" instead of +1 Hit Point or +1 Skill Point.

Class Abilities

Proficiencies: ●All simple & martial weapons, ●light & medium armor, & ●bucklers.
●Also gets free proficiency with 1 exotic ''dashing''weapon of their choice = ribbonweave.
(Light & 1-handed piercing melee weapons = ''dashing weapons'', for ease of reference)

1.Challenge: 4 times per day, Swift action, 1 target
Melee attacks on target adds (cavalier lvl 11) = +11 to damage.
●Damaging target inflicts penalty on saves vs p. powers & psi-like abilities = (1+1/4 lvls) = -4 penalty, for 1 round
●Get –2 AC against all enemies who aren't the challenged foe
●Ends if target dies or is unconscious, or combat ends

12.Demanding Challenge (Ex):
●When declares a challenge, as long as target is within area threatened by cavalier,
they get –2 penalty to AC for attacks made by anyone other than challenger.

1.Champion's Finesse: ●Gains the benefits of the ''Weapon Finesse'' feat with ''dashing'' weapons
●This counts as having the ''Weapon Finesse'' feat for the purpose of meeting feat requirements.
●Can use Charisma in place of Intelligence for Combat Feat prerequisites.

1.Boasting Bravado:
●When tries to influence a creature's attitude with Diplomacy skill for first time, may roll check twice & take the best result.
●Any improvement of a creature's attitude toward the dashing hero also applies to their designated 'sidekick', ally, or companions.

3.Nimble: Get +3 AC if not wearing more than light armor & light load.

4.Panache: Has daily pool of panache points = Cha mod = 3 points/day.

4.Deeds: Each of the following costs 1 panache point to use: *Derring-Do, *Dodging Panache, *Precise Strike.

5.Banner: While his banner is clearly visible, all allies within 60 feet get:
●+2 morale bonus on saves vs fear
●+1 morale bonus on attacks made as part of charge.
●Both bonuses increase by +1 per (5 cavalier levels) > (5th lvl) = +3 & +2 bonus.
Requires banner to be Small or larger & be carried or displayed by cavalier or mount

9.Tactician: Get 1 bonus (Teamwork)-type feat (you must meet its prerequisites)
●Can grant this feat to all allies in 30 ft who can see & hear you.
●Can do this (1 per 5 cavalier lvls) = 1 time per day.
●This takes a Standard action, and it lasts (3 +1/2 cavalier lvl) = 8 rounds.
●Allies don't need to meet the feat's prerequisites.

11.Advanced Deeds: Each of the following costs 1 panache point to use: *Confusing Flourish, *Superior Feint, *Targeted Strike.


15.Armor Training:

16.Trap Sense (Ex): Gain an intuitive sense alerting him to danger from traps,
getting a +1 bonus on Reflex saves to avoid traps & a +1 dodge bonus to AC vs trap attacks.

18.Weapon Training 1:

Order of the Light

●Can't refuse a manifester's request for aid unless it will interfere with the cavalier's existing duties,
or if they believe the manifester seeks to directly oppose the cavalier's aims & goals.
●Has to serve the cause of il-Yannah, and oppose the forces of the Dreaming Dark.

Extra Class Skills: Knowledge (psionics) & Knowledge (religion)

●May use Knowledge (psionics) to identify powers being used by psionic manifesters as if using Spellcraft.
●May do the same with Knowledge (religion) for divine spellcasters (except druids & rangers).
●If the cavalier readies an action to strike a creature when it manifests a power, and identifies the power
that's about to be used with the appropriate Knowledge check, he gets a +1 bonus on the attack roll.

2.Psychic Aid: When the cavalier uses the ''aid another'' action to assist one of his allies, the ally gets a +2 competence bonus on the next concentration check, dispel check, or ML check she makes (whichever comes first). For every 6 cavalier lvls more, bonus is increased by +1. = (2+(1 per 6 lvls after 2nd) ) = +3 bonus,

8.Psionic Vessel: Whenever the cavalier gains a bonus on attack rolls, saves, or damage rolls from a psionic power or psi-like ability manifested by someone else, he also gains a number of temporary HP = (lvl of the power or ability). Temp-HP gained from this ability from different powers stack, but only to a max nr of temporary HP = (cavalier's level). These temporary HP last for 10 minutes.



1.Combat Expertise: Can take penalty on attacks in order to get bonus on AC.
3.Tashalatora Dance: Some weapons count as ''dashing'' weapons, & can add Dex to melee dmg instead of Str with them.
5.Agile Maneuvers: Can use Dex on Maneuver checks instead of Strength.

6B.Dance with Shadows: Bonus on Reflex or Will = (caution-boost on AC) from previous round.
7.Dance with Shadows Strike: Bonus on 1 melee attack = (caution-boost on AC) from previous round.
9.Improved Dirty Trick: Don't provoke AoO when doing a Dirty Trick, and get +2 on Maneuver Bonus & Defense for Dirty Trick.

9B.Coordinated Maneuvers (Teamwork): If adjacent to an ally with this feat, you get +2 competence on all Maneuver checks.
When trying to break free from a grapple, this bonus increases to +4.

11.Gestalt Anchor: When focused & close to Kalashtar allies, both you & them get +2 on Initiative & Reflex saves
12B.Dance with Shadows Mastery: No penalty for defending after 2 rounds of dancing.
13.Heroic Spirit: +3 Action Points

13B.Greater Dirty Trick: Dirty Trick lasts 1d4 rounds, +1 round per 5 over CMD, in addition it takes a standard action to remove the condition. Character also gets further +2 bonus on Maneuver Checks & Defense for Dirty Trick.
14B.Quick Dirty Trick: May do a dirty trick in place of 1 melee attack.

15.Action Boost:
16B.Action Surge:
17.Swift Aid:

18B.??? (combat):


the "Leathers of Dirty Deeds" item

Power Point Pool: 17 per day.


*Ribbonweave: 1-handed. Dmg: 1d8+8. Crit: 17–20 / x2. Traits: +1, Dashing, Mithril, Keen, Human-Bane, Phase Locking. Cost: 141'130 gp.
Breastplate: "light" armor. AC: +6+7. Max dex: +7. Penalty: –0. Spd: 30 ft. Traits: +5, Mithril, Rallying, Glamered, Benevolent. Cost: 23'800 gp.
Dart: thrown weapon. Dmg: 1d4–2. Crit: x2. Range: 20 feet.
Buckler: shield. AC: +1+5. Penalty: –0. Traits: +15 shield. Cost: 12'655 gp.

Exotic Martial Dancer Outfit: Made from Glamorweave, + 1 bonus to Diplomacy

Belt of Durable Agility Gives +6 Dex & +4 Con while worn. Cost: 30'000 gp.
Headband of Clever Charisma: Gives +4 int, +2 wis & +6 cha while worn.

Amulet of Natural Armor: (slot: neck) Gives +? Natural Armor bonus to AC
Ring of Protection: (slot: ring #2) Gives +5 deflection bonus to AC

Cloak of Resistance: (slot: shoulders) Gives +5 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Cost: 12'500 gp
Seducer's Bane: (slot: wrists) Gives a +5 resistance bonus on Will saves VS enchantment effects,
and a +5 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks.

Boots of Skating: (slot: feet) Cost: 3'500 gp
Crystal Mask of Mindarmor: (slot: head) Cost: 5'333 gp

Ring of Loyalty and Sustenance (slot: ring #1) Can initiate Mindlink Kehs'shana over any distance. Cost: 5'000 gp. Partnered with main ring equipped by Kehs'shana

Lord's Banner of the Crusade (Path of Light): Banner that emits "Hallow" (as spell) around itself. Cost: 55'000 gp

Leathers of Dirty Deeds: (slot: chest) Str is 8 higher for calculating carrying capacity, but also gives –2 to Maneuver Defence vs Dirty Trick. Can spend 1 power point as an Immidiate action to get a +2 bonus on a Maneuver check to do a Dirty Trick. Cost: 1'500 gp.

Sash of the War Champion (slot: chest)
Darksight Goggles (slot: eyes)
Gauntlets of Skilled Maneuver (slot: hands) Dirty tricks (does not stack with bonus from "leathers" item)

Skin of Proteus: While active, it continually affects the wearer as the "metamorphosis" power.
While in a form other than his natural form, the wearer does not appear to be wearing the skin.

As a Standard action, the skin spreads over and covers the user when they project the proper command thought.
The same command thought causes the skin to shrink back down to its former size.

Ioun Stones:
Pale Green Prism: Gives +1 competence bonus on all saving throws. Cost: 15'000 gp
(GM: nope, that's not what it does, and not what it costs)
Dusty Rose Prism: Gives +1 insight bonus to AC
Iridescent Spindle: Sustains creature without air

Potion of Resist: Fire 30
Potion of Resist: Cold 30
Potion of Resist: Acid 30
Potion of Resist: Lightning 30
Potion of Resist: Sonic 30

(* = User must have the "Dance with Shadows" feat. or its just a +1 Mithril Ribbonweave)

(** = All stats above includes bonuses for Lord's Banner of Victory, carried by Kehs'shana
Effect: Allies of the owner of a "lord’s banner of victory" gain
a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks
for as long as they can see the banner)

Wealth: 2'392 gp.

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