Kalakistan Fragment

Nature: Object / information
Type: Ancient carving / translated document
First Appeared: 1.3 "Ask Jeeves"

Believed to be a small segment of the Draconic Prophecy.

Translated by Flamewind, on behalf of the Wayfinder Foundation.
The Text:
Great woes can never be killed,
evil can never be felled,
but problems can be contained,
malice can be held.

With fire you can fight a fire,
a curse can undo a curse.
Those who master destruction
can stop it from getting worse.

The Cradle of Khyber lies waiting
where darkness and monsters dwell,
for neither living nor dead have moved it
since the day the first Sharn fell.

Great woes can never be killed,
for the Root of all Evil grows deep,
the future is ever uncertain
for the past can never sleep.

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