Jacques Zenden
HP ??? 11d10+11+10
Base A.B. +11/ 6/ 1
+11/ 6/ 1
Ranged A. +16/11/ 6
Maneuver +11
Armor Class +15 (20)1
Touch AC +10
Flat-footed +6 (11)2
Maneuver +213

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 10 +0
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 10 +0
Charisma 16 +3
Fortitude +8
Reflex +8
Will +3
SKILL Roll Calculating
Acrobatics +15 dex 5 + rank 7 + class 3
Bluff +12 cha 3 + rank 6 + class 3
Diplomacy +14 cha 3 + rank 8 + class 3
Intimidate +15 cha 3 + rank 9 + class 3
+7 int 1 + rank 6
Lingustics +4 int 1 + rank 3
+13 cha 3 + rank 7 + class 3
Perception +7 wis 0 + rank 7
+10 wis 0 + rank 7 + class 3
Swim +10 str 0 + rank 7 + class 3


Nature: Player Character
Player: Sigve
User: WeavertheReaverWeavertheReaver

Race: Human
Origins: Aundair
Religion: Cynical about the subject

Class: Cavalier 12 Duelist 1
Archetype: Dashing Hero
Order: The Cockatrice
Alignment: Lawful Evil


Gender: Male
Age: 31
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5.6 feet.
Weight: 149 pounds.
Body: Small-framed
Clothing: Suprisingly simple shirt and pants, but of high quality. Covered by Order of the Cockatrice tabard, and topped with his plumed cavalier's hat.
Job: Courier
Other traits: Left hand got a gnarly wound from his time in the Last War.
Languages: Common, Aklo, Elvish, Gnomish, Dwarven.


A noble's bastard and veteran of the Last War.

Dislikes the Silver flame, Thrane, and considers the Eldeen Reaches to be seccessionist traitors. Distrusts paladins.

While he tolerates offences that refer to his status as a bastard, he doesnt take kindly to being called an "son of an bitch" or similiar offenses. Not because it's pointed towards him but more because it implies his mother is an common whore. His mother is where he has his noble part from.

Even though Jacques is of the shady sort, he is trustworthy, as long as you:
A) Don't disgrace or offend him.
B) Aren't an coward.
C) Aren't a paladin.

Racial Abilities

Bonus Feat: Has 1 extra Feat.
Skilled: Gets +1 additional skill rank for each class level character has.

Class Abilities

Proficiencies: ●All simple & martial weapons, ●light & medium armor, & ●bucklers.
●Also gets free proficiency with 1 exotic ''dashing''weapon of their choice = ????.
(Light & 1-handed piercing melee weapons = ''dashing weapons'', for ease of reference)

1.Challenge: 4 times per day, Swift action, 1 target
Melee attacks on target adds (cavalier lvl 11) = +11 to damage.
●If they're the only creature (except mount) threatening the challenged target,
their melee damage against that target gets morale bonus = (1 + 1/4 lvls) = +3 to damage.
●Get –2 AC against all enemies who aren't the challenged foe
●Ends if target dies or is unconscious, or combat ends

1.Champion's Finesse: ●Gains the benefits of the ''Weapon Finesse'' feat with ''dashing'' weapons
●This counts as having the ''Weapon Finesse'' feat for the purpose of meeting feat requirements.
●Can use Charisma in place of Intelligence for Combat Feat prerequisites.

3.Nimble: Gains a dodge bonus to AC = (1 +1 per 4 lvls >3rd) = +3 AC.
●Only when wearing light or no armor & carrying no more than a light load.
●Anything that causes them to lose Dex bonus to AC also causes them to lose this dodge bonus.

5.Banner: While his banner is clearly visible, all allies within 60 feet get:
●+2 morale bonus on saves vs fear
●+1 morale bonus on attacks made as part of charge.
●Both bonuses increase by +1 per (5 cavalier levels) > (5th lvl) = +3 & +2 bonus.
Requires banner to be Small or larger & be carried or displayed by cavalier or mount

1.Tactician: Get 1 bonus (Teamwork)-type feat (you must meet its prerequisites)
●Can grant this feat to all allies in 30 ft who can see & hear you.
●Can do this (1 +1 per 5 cavalier lvls) = 3 times per day.
●This takes a Standard action, and it lasts (3 +1/2 cavalier lvl) = 8 rounds.
●Allies don't need to meet the feat's prerequisites.

9.Greater Tactician:
●Using ''tactician'' ability is now a Swift action.
●Get 1 more (Teamwork)-type bonus feat, if you meet its prereqs.
●Can grant this feat to allies with the ''tactician'' ability.

Dashing Heroics

4.Panache: More than just a lightly armored warrior, a dashing hero is a daring combatant.
They fight with panache: The ability to perform amazing actions in combat.
●At the start of each day, they have Panache Points = (Charisma mod), minimum 1 = 3 per day.
●Panache usually can't go higher than their Cha mod (min 1), but Feats & magic items can affect this max.
●Panache goes up & down throughout the day.
●Can spend Panache to accomplish any learned ''deeds''.
●Regain Panache in the following 2 ways:

Critical Hit with a Dashing Weapon: Each time the dashing hero confirms a critical hit with a ''dashing'' weapon, they regain 1 panache point. Confirming a critical hit on a helpless or unaware creature or a creature that has fewer HD<(1/2 dashing hero's character lvl) doesn't restore panache.

Killing Blow with a Dashing Weapon: When the dashing hero reduces a creature to 0 or fewer HP with a ''dashing'' weapon attack while in combat, they regain 1 panache point. Destroying an unattended object, reducing a helpless or unaware creature to 0 or fewer HP, or reducing a creature that has HD< (1/2 dashing hero's character level) to 0 or fewer HP doesn't restore any panache.


Gains the following ''deeds''. Number in front of name is the level they're gained at.

4.Derring-Do: Can pay 1 panache point when making an Acrobatics, Climb or Perform check to roll 1d6 & add the result to the check. Can do this after they make the check but before the result is revealed. If the result of the d6 roll is a natural 6, they roll another ld6 and add it to the check. Can continue to do this as long as they roll natural 6s, up to a number of times = (Dex modifier), min 1.

4.Dodging Panache: When an opponent attempts a melee attack against the dashing hero, the dashing hero can spend 1 panache point (as an Immediate action) to move 5 feet. Doing so grants them a dodge bonus to AC =(Cha mod) (min 0) against the triggering attack. This movement doesn't negate the attack, which is still resolved as if the character hadn't moved from their original square.

This move isn't a 5-foot step: It provokes AoO from creatures other than the one who triggered this deed, and counts against the round's max movement. Can only perform this deed while wearing light or no armor, and while carrying no heavier than a light load.

4.Precise Strike: As a Swift action, a dashing hero can spend 1 panache point to strike precisely with a ''dashing'' weapon (though not natural weapon attacks), adding their Cavalier level to the damage dealt. Can even use this with thrown ''dashing'' weapons, so long as target is within 30 feet. If they spend 2 panache points they double their Precise Strike's damage bonus on the next attack.

To use this deed, a dashing hero can't attack with a weapon in their other hand or use a shield other than a buckler. This benefit must be used before the end of their turn, or it's lost. This deed's cost can't be reduced by any ability or effect that reduces the amount of panache points a deed costs (such as the ''Signature Deed'' feat).

This additional damage is Precision damage, and so any creature that's immune to sneak attacks is immune to the additional damage granted by ''precise strike'', and any item or ability that protects a creature from critical hits also protects a creature from the additional damage of a this deed. Also, this additional damage isn't multiplied on a critical hit.

11.Confusing Flourish: Can spend 1 panache point to add Charisma bonus to Maneuver Defence against ''disarm'', ''steal'' & ''sunder'' Maneuvers done against their ''dashing'' weapons, for 1 round.

11.Superior Feint: By spending 1 panache point they can, as a Standard action, purposefully miss on an attack that would have succeeded in hitting a creature, using a ''dashing'' weapon. When they do, that creature is denied its Dex bonus to AC until the start of the dashing hero's next turn.

11.Targeted Strike: As a Full-round action the dashing hero can spend 1 panache point to make 1 attack with a single ''dashing'' weapon that cripples part of a foe's body.

The attacker chooses a part of the body to target. If the attack succeeds, in addition to its normal damage the target suffers 1 of the following effects, based on the body part targeted.

If a creature doesn't have one of the listed body locations, that body part can't be targeted. Immunity to or protection from sneak attacks or critical hits also apply against this deed.

Arms: Target takes no damage from the attack, but it drops 1 carried item of attacker's choice, even if the item is wielded with 2 hands. Items held in a locked gauntlet can't be chosen.
Head: Target is ''confused'' for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect.
Legs: Target is knocked ''prone''. Creatures with 4 or more legs or that are immune to ''trip'' attacks are immune to this effect.
Torso or Wings: Target is ''staggered'' for 1 round.

12. Demanding Challenge: At 12th level, whenever a cavalier declares a challenge, his target must pay attention to the threat he poses.
As long as the target is within the threatened area of the cavalier, it takes a –2 penalty to its AC from attacks made by anyone other than the cavalier.


Order of the Cockatrice

●The Cavalier must keep his own Intrests and Aims above those of all others.
●He must accept pay when due, Rewards when earned, and an even (or greater) share of the loot.
●The Cavalier must take every opportunity to increase is own Stature, Prestige and Power.

Extra Class Skills: Appraise & Perform.
Boost: Adds Cha modifier to the DC for opponents' attempts to "demoralize" him with Intimidate (in addition to his Wis mod, as normal).

2.Braggart: ●Gets "Dazzling Display" as a bonus feat, but can use it as a Standard action (instead of a Full-round action), by extolling his own accomplishments & battle prowess, and he doesn't need to have a weapon in hand to use this ability.
●Also, gets a +2 morale bonus on melee attack rolls made against "demoralized" targets.

8.Steal Glory: Whenever a creature other than the cavalier scores a critical hit against a target that the cavalier is threatening, he can make an Attack of Opportunity against the same target.

Prestige Class: Duelist Class Abillities:
1. Canny Defence: When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, a duelist adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per duelist class level as a dodge bonus to her Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If a duelist is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied her Dexterity bonus, she also loses this bonus.

1. Precise Strike:
A duelist gains the ability to strike precisely with a light or one-handed piercing weapon, adding her duelist level to her damage roll.

When making a precise strike, a duelist cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand or use a shield. A duelist's precise strike only works against living creatures with discernible anatomies. Any creature that is immune to critical hits is also immune to a precise strike, and any item or ability that protects a creature from critical hits also protects a creature from a precise strike.



1.Dodge: Get +1 Dodge Bonus to AC. Conditions that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also make you lose this dodge bonus.

1B.Mobility: Get +4 dodge bonus to AC against AoO caused by you moving out of or within a threatened area.
●A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses.
●Dodge bonuses stack with each other, unlike most types of bonuses.

2B.Dazzling Display: Can make an Intimidate check to "demoralize" all foes within 30 feet who can see your display.

3.Combat Expertise: ●Can take –1 penalty on melee attacks & maneuver checks to get a +1 dodge bonus to AC.
●Penalty & bonus both increase by ±1 per 4 BaB you have = –3 on attacks to get +3 AC.
●Both the effects last until the beginning of your next turn.
●Must use this feat just as you declare that you're making an attack or a full-attack with a melee weapon.

5.Weapon Focus (rapier): Get +1 bonus on attacks with chosen weapon.

6B.Gory Finish (Combat): When you use the attack action, you can use a weapon with which you have "Weapon Focus" to make 1 single attack at your highest BaB. If you reduce your target to negative HP, you can spend a Swift action to make an Intimidate check to "demoralize" all foes within 30 feet who could see your attack.

7.Fencing Grace Rapier: ●When wielding a size-appropriate rapier 1-handed,
you can add your Dex modifier to weapon's damage roll instead of your Str modifier.
●If you have the "panache" class feature, then as long as you have at least 1 panache point left
you get a +2 bonus to Maneuver Defense against attempts to disarm you of your rapier.

9.Critical Focus: Get a +4 circumstance bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits.

11.Bleeding Critical (Critical): ●If you score a critical hit with a Slashing or Piercing weapon,
the target gets 2d6 bleed damage each round on his turn, in addition to the damage dealt by the critical hit.
●This Bleed damage can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal skill check or through any magical healing. ●The effects of this feat stack.
●You can only apply the effects of 1 (Critical)-type feat to any given Critical Hit.

12.B.Step Up: Whenever an adjacent foe attempts to take a 5-foot step away from you, you may also make a 5-foot step as an immediate action so long as you end up adjacent to the foe that triggered this ability. If you take this step, you cannot take a 5-foot step during your next turn. If you take an action to move during your next turn, subtract 5 feet from your total movement.

13. Staggering Critical: Whenever you score a critical hit, your opponent becomes staggered for 1d4+1 rounds.
A successful Fortitude save reduces the duration to 1 round.
The DC of this Fortitude save is equal to 10 + your base attack bonus. The effects of this feat do not stack. Additional hits instead add to the duration.

1B.Precise Strike (Teamwork): Whenever you and an ally who also has this feat are flanking the same the creature, you deal an extra +1d6 precision damage with each successful melee attack. This stacks with other sources of precision damage (f.ex. sneak attack), but it isn't multiplied on a critical hit.

9.B.Outflank (Teamwork):
●Whenever you and an ally who also has this feat are flanking the same creature, your flanking bonus on attack rolls increases to +4.
●In addition, whenever you score a critical hit against the flanked creature, it provokes an attack of opportunity from your ally.

(B = Bonus feats)


Rapier "The Thorn": 1-handed wpn. Dmg:1d6+7. Crit: 15–20/x2. Traits: Adamantine, +2 weapon, Keen, Valiant. Cost: 35'020 gp.
Light Crossbow: ranged weapon. Dmg:1d8. Crit: 19–20 / x2. Range:80 ft (20 in water). Traits: Usable underwater. Cost: 70 gp

Chain shirt: light armor. AC: +4. Max dex: +6. Penalty: –0. Speed: 30 ft. Traits: Mithril. Cost: 1'100 gp.
Celestial Armor: light armr. AC:+6. Max Dx:+8. Penalty:–2. Speed: 30 ft. Traits: +3. Cost:22'400 gp.
●Chainmail that's so fine & light that it can be worn under normal clothing without betraying its presence.
●It allows the wearer to use the spell "fly" on command, once per day.

Buckler: shield. AC: +1. Penalty: –0. Traits: Masterwork. Cost: 155 gp.

Belt of Incredible Dexterity: Increases Dex by +4 while worn. Cost: 16'000 gp
Headband of Alluring Charisma: Increases Cha by +2 while worn. Cost: 4'000 gp
Quick Runner's Shirt: Once/day as a Swift action, wearer can take 1 additional Move action to move on his turn. Cost: 1'000 gp.
Ring of Protection +1: This ring offers continual magical protection in the form of a deflection bonus of +1 to AC. Cost: 2'000 gp.

Ioun Torch: This item is merely a burned out, dull gray ioun stone with a "continual flame" spell cast upon it.
It retains the ability to float and orbit, and allows the bearer to carry light and still have his hands free.
It may be in any crystalline shape common to ioun stones (ellipsoid, prism, sphere, and so on). Cost: 75 gp.

Wealth: 42'455 gp. (unless i fucked up the math n stuff, Det var 12 480gp)

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