Nature: Creature
Type: Plant

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 1

First Encountered: 10.3 "Field Trip"

Known Powers: ●Fear Aura, ●Pumpkin Form, ●Strangling Ensnare, ●Breath Weapon (cone of fire), ●Fire Resistance, ●Explode (when killed), ●Rapid Reproduction.

Description: ''A carved pumpkin sits atop a writhing mass of thick ropey vines. Sinister flames dance within its leering, crudely carved face.''

Jack-o'-lanterns are semi-intelligent plant creatures spawned by fell magic and driven to burn and consume living flesh.

Information: Though they are mobile, jack-o'-lanterns prefer to remain in one spot until their food supplies run out. They typically lair within pumpkin patches, where they lie in wait and use their ability to assume the form of a mundane pumpkin to ambush unsuspecting prey.

Jack-o'-lanterns have been known to grow where the corpse of a powerful and especially evil hag or wicked fey was buried, though this form of reproduction sometimes takes decades.

They can also reproduce on their own: Immediately after killing & devouring an intelligent being, it excretes its victim's remains as a smoldering, paste-like slurry that quickly sinks into the ground. One day later 1d3 fully mature (and ravenous) jack-o'-lanterns emerge from the tainted soil.

Though as has been recently learned, this process can change, like when someone was desperate enough to use human remains in their attempt at inventing a more efficient fertilizer, and accidentally empowered local jack-o'-lanterns so their breeding cycle only took a few hours.

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