TYPE CR Enforce HD
Arbiter 2 - 2
Zelekhut 9 Legal punishments 10
Kolyarut 12 Oaths & contracts 12
Yarahkut 14 Proper tech levels 15
Marut 15 Natural lifespan 16
Quarut 16 Time-space integrity 18
Varakhut 18 That mortals≠gods 22
Lhaksharut 20 Structure of cosmos 22
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Archetypes
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
World: Daanvi, the Perfect Order


Inevitables are living machine-like outsiders, embodiments of order whose sole aim is to enforce the natural laws of the universe. Genderless, incorruptible, and caring nothing for power or personal advancement, inevitables are cunning and valiant shock troops in the service of lawfulness and order.

Each type of inevitable is designed to find and punish or prevent a particular kind of transgression, hunting down a person or group that has violated a fundamental principle such as “The guilty should be punished,” “Bargains should be kept,” or “Everyone dies eventually”.

They also work to stop such transgressions from being made in the first place, but this is more difficult, and so they mostly promote the rules of the cosmos through punishments.

How they deal with the guilty varies according to the transgression: sometimes this means a simple "geas" or "mark of justice" to ensure that the target works to right his wrongs or never again strays from the path of law, but just as often an offense worthy of an inevitable’s attention is severe enough that only immediate execution will suffice.

Such decisions are not always popular — for the kindly priest who transcends mortality and the freedom fighter who battles the evil-yet-rightful king are every bit as guilty as grave-robbing necromancers and demon-worshipers — but the inevitables are always just, and few dare stand in the way of their judgment.

From its first step, an inevitable focuses totally on its target. It continues its efforts no matter how cold the trail or hopeless the task. Unable to cross an ocean any other way, inevitables have been known to walk into the waves, traversing the seabed to emerge on another continent months later.

Inevitables are single-minded in pursuit of their quarry, but they are bound by their own nature to do so within the rules, which means that they must leave innocents alone. Accomplices to their prey are fair game, however, which sometimes creates conflicts within their "programming".

Inevitables gladly sacrifice themselves to complete a mission, but they aren’t suicidal. Faced with impending defeat, they are likely to withdraw and seek a way to even the odds. They’re determined but patient foes. They ally with others if that helps accomplish their mission, but they have a hard time keeping allies for long. It’s apparent to anyone who spends much time with one that an inevitable sacrifices an ally to fulfill its purpose without a second thought.


When an inevitable completes its task, it wanders the landscape and passively observes life around it. When it discerns another transgression of the principle it’s dedicated to, it has a new mission. Inevitables tend to stick out in a crowd while they’re in observation mode, but they seem oblivious to the attention.

Those in the know who hear about a 12-foot-tall, golden-armored statue roaming the countryside might seek out the inevitable and present a case, hoping it will take on the alleged transgressor. The decision is based on the idiosyncrasies of the inevitable’s programming, so there’s no guarantee.

Brave souls with a worthy cause are always welcome to approach an inevitable and present their case, but should be wary of invoking the help of such powerful, single-minded beings — for an inevitable may not see the situation the same way they do, and though all inevitables do their best to preserve innocent life, they’re not above sacrif icing a few allies or innocents in an effort to bring down a greater villain.

Though they know that all beings outside of the lawful plane of Daanvi harbor chaos in their hearts, inevitables also understand that such conflicted creatures may yet be forces for law as much as for chaos, and thus overlook all but the most flagrant offenses.

Physically, inevitables often have humanoid forms or aspects, but their bodies appear somewhere between clockwork constructs and fine statues in the greatest classical tradition. Constructed of stone, adamantine, and even more precious materials, each inevitable awakens to sentience already aware of the details of its first target.


Low-Light Vision
Class Skills: As outsiders +Acrobatics, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Survival.

Regeneration: Regains HP per turn, except for damage inflicted by chaos-aligned weapons, attacks or effects. Amount varies by species.

Truespeech (Su): Can speak with any creature that has a language, as if using the ''tongues'' spell (CL 14). This ability is always active.

Constructed (Ex): They are living outsiders, but their bodies are constructed of physical components, so in many ways they work as constructs.

Close Enough: For the purpose of effects targeting creatures by type (f.ex: Ranger's "favored enemy", or "bane" weapons), they count as both outsiders and constructs.

●Sleep effects
●Death effects
●Necromancy effects
●Mind-affecting effects .

●Nonlethal damage
●Ability damage
●Ability drain
●Energy drain
●Death from Massive Damage
●Any effect that requires a Fortitude save,
unless it also works on items or is harmless.


Robustness: They get bonus HP based on their size, in same way as constructs do:
Size Fine Diminuitive Tiny Small Medium Large Huge Gargantuan Colossal
HP - - - +10 +20 +30 +40 +60 +80
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